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slides->[3] Use the game to learn and teach.
software->md @:color.minetest-edu is an instance of the server @:meta.src
developed by the community minetest.

Minetest is under a @:license.ccbysa3 license.
software->title Software
what->md ## Explore a digital world

You’re a Robinson in a living lego game. A world made of cubes: earth,
water, sand, minerals, fauna and flora… whose rules govern it simulate
ours (day & night,
temperature, erosion, species reproduction…)

… Why not start by exploring it?

- Present the rules of the game to your class (here [an
example](@:baseurl/files/a-lire.pdf) [FR]])
- Accompany them to their first connection.
- Ask them to fill in a [Explorer
sheet](@:baseurl/files/Mission-Exploration-Planete-SVTux.pdf) [FR]
what->title What is it?