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classroom->md ### Tip: The world for education!

We have created a world for your educational project especially reserved
for education. To access it, go to the `Client` tab, choose the address
``, and change the Port from `30000` to `30001`.

### Creating and building together

Learning to define a common objective and then learning to coordinate to
cooperate and collaborate to achieve are essential in the game.

… Some recommendations:

- It is often advisable to start cooperative/collaborative work in small
groups (which you can expand later).
- Often, a distribution of roles within the groups of players will be set
up. But if this is not the case, do not hesitate to facilitate this
- Some players will be much better than the teacher himself. That’s normal!
Feel free to give more responsibility to the more experienced players.

#### Crafting: make your tools

The [crafting]( is the method
for creating new [blocs](
(or [objects]( in the game. Thus, to "craft"
something, the player will have to open his inventory (key <kbd>I</kbd> of
the keyboard), open its craft table (or manufacturing grid) then place the
blocks (or objects) already at his disposal there according to a specific
arrangement (that the player will have to find by itself by logically
selecting the right materials).

#### The first collaborative constructions?

As for all game constructions, the choice of materials is an essential
step. If the latter is bad, the buildings built could well disappear because
of the erosion processes! The same principle of reflection must be applied
for each object/block, including living things (animals and plants).

### Examples of educational activities

Here are a few possible ways of using education:

- “How about we replicate our college to scale?” (Mathematics, Technologies)
- “Let’s explore a new planet” or “Let’s study the influence of man on the
settlement of an environment” (Life and Earth Sciences)
- “Reproduce a historical battle” (History, English)
- “Let’s imagine and dream our city of the future!” (Geography, SVT,
- “Building a world without weapons?” (Philo)

### Going Further: Resources.

- The [educational applications]( of
@:color.minetest-edu [FR]
- More educational resources [on
SVTux]( [FR]
- Install [your Minetest server]( [FR]
- The [Minetest official website](
- The [Minetest’s wiki](
- The [Minetest’s forum](
classroom->title Use in classroom
classroom->warning In this game known and appreciated by the students, the possibilities of
teaching (and educational activities) are countless… Here are some examples
and suggestions.
download->md To connect to a Minetest server (including ours) you must download software
(a “client”). It is available for many operating systems.

- [GNU/Linux]( (choose your distribution)
- Android : on the [Google
or on [the free F-Droid blind](
- [All versions]( (Windows, Mac OSX)

### Configuring your keys

You must launch the software, click on the `Settings` tab, then
on the button `Change keys` at the bottom right:

Next, configure each of your keys by clicking on the one you want to change
and pressing the desired key. Here is our model:
download->title Download
download->warning **WARNING** : the software we offer for Windows is configured for AZERTY
keyboards. For other systems, the game is set in QWERTY. You will probably
need to configure your keys (`Settings` tab)
garden->md To participate in the development of the software, propose improvements
or simply download it, go to [the development site](@:src.minetest)

If you want to install this software for your own use and thus gain in
autonomy, we help you on :
garden->title Cultivate your garden
help->md @:color.minetest-edu is a sandbox game world @:meta.src
(world of blocks to edit) dedicated to education, pedagogical activities and
the <i lang="en">serious gaming</i>.

Getting started:

- Download the game;
- Connect to our server;
- Play!
- Read [documentation]( for more
help->title Getting Started
holidays It’s summer, Framinetest is taking a break to update itself and will therefore
be closed for a few weeks. Take the opportunity to disconnect a little!

To continue playing, you can connect to another server, create your own or
stay local.
meta->edu Edu
meta->lead The world is divided into two categories: those with loaded guns and those
who dig. You dig.
meta->title Framinetest
play->md ### Launch a game

You downloaded Minetest and you want to play? At the beginning, two simple
solutions exist: play in solo mode on your machine or join the world
of @:(color.minetest-edu).

#### In solo mode

- Click on the `Solo` tab
- Create a «New World» by filling in the "World Name" box and clicking
- Click on this world then on the `Play` button

#### On the world @:color.minetest-edu

- Click on the `Client` tab
- Choose the server ``
- Enter a name (or nickname) then a password and click on `Play`!

### How to play?

The game using your mouse, you don’t know how to get out? Don’t panic!
Tap on <kbd>Esc</kbd> (menu), <kbd>Alt</kbd>+<kbd>Tab</kbd> (change program)
or simply <kbd>I</kbd> (Minetest inventory)

- **The mouse** serves to direct your gaze
- **Left-click**: mine, attack (in the inventory : move a stack of objects)
- **Right click **: place blocks, use (in the inventory : move an object,
- **Wheel** or <kbd>0</kbd> to <kbd>9</kbd>: Select an object in the action
- <kbd>Z</kbd> / <kbd>Q</kbd> / <kbd>S</kbd> / <kbd>D</kbd>: move (top,
left, bottom, right)
- <kbd>A</kbd>: release what is in the hand
- <kbd>Shift</kbd>: relax or walk carefully
- <kbd>K</kbd>: fly (activate/deactivate “free movement” mode)
- <kbd>J</kbd>: Activate/deactivate “fast” mode
- <kbd>I</kbd>: open inventory
- <kbd>T</kbd>: open chat window
- <kbd>Esc</kbd>: open menu (to exit, among others)

### Be constructive: craft!

Minetest is not just a game that breaks bricks, it’s a world where you can
use the raw materials harvested to make objects (in the jargon of the game,
we say “*to craft*”). Find out how and what to make [in Minetest’s
play->title Play
play->warning How to start your first game, and test the game when you have a few minutes
slides->[0] Download Minetest to open the doors of the world to you @:color.minetest-edu
slides->[1] Login to @:txt.minetest to join our world dedicated to education.
slides->[2] Make objects from raw materials.