Key English
help->md 1. Create a room
2. Allow your browser to use your microphone and webcam
3. Invite your collaborators to join you by sending them by e-mail the address
of the room (click on the button “Invite a participant {icon}”
in the bottom bar to get it)

In the options, you can protect your room with a password, chat, manage your
contacts, enable/disable sound and video…
slides->[2] Allow access to a camera
slides->[1] Allow access to a microphone
public->atalk a room
page_info->audio_only->title Audioconference
page_info->description_bbb [Big Blue Button]( is a web conferencing system designed for online learning. In some cases, it can be a good alternative to Jitsi. It is however required to create an account to create web conferencing rooms.
page_info->title_bbb Big Blue Button instances
public->change Change instance
page_info->instance->type->chatons CHATONS
slides->[0] a two-click audio/video conversation
software->md is based on free software [](

This is one instance among others, [Jitsi Meet developers also offer
their own]({link})

Jitsi Meet is under @:(license.apache2).
public->full_list Complete list of the **{nbinstances} known instances**.
page_info->columns->country Country
public->create Create
garden->title Cultivate your garden
public->external Following a great use of the video-conferencing service hosted by the @:color.soft association, this video-conference will be created on **the [{title}]({website}) instance**
help->title Getting Started
page_info->intro Here is the list of instances to which you can be redirected by creating a conference room from the Framatalk home page.
page_info->add_yourself If you are an organization that has the resources to host such a service and would like to be added to it, you can contact us through [](
page_info->audio_only->description If you don't need the video, a Mumble meeting will do. It is advisable to [install the Mumble client](( for your platform for a better experience.