Key English Chinese (Traditional)
form->ask->alter1 For [practical reasons](@:(, we do not
accept donations from micro-payment platforms (Lilo, Flattr, Tipeee…)
except Liberapay
form->ask->alter2 We also do not accept donations in crypto-currency (Bitcoin, Ether,
Monero…) but we carefully observe
[the Ğ1 free currency](
form->ask->edit If you want to modify your recurring donation, please
[contact us](@:(, we will stop the current
one and you will be able to make a new one.
form->ask->lp Make a donation via Liberapay
form->ask->moral Financial and activity reports can be found on the
[not-for-profit page](@:(link.soft)/association)
form->ask->other If you have more questions, [you
may find answers there](@:(link.soutenir)/#questions)…
form->ask->send Tax receipts (in France only) are sent by postal mail in March/April (before tax declaration) for @:year.current donations
form->ask->stop Recurring donations can be stopped anytime, just
[ask us](@:(
form->ask->title Questions
form->step1->anonymous I want my donation to remain anonymous
form->step1->monthly Every month
form->step1->oneshot Once
form->step1->other Other amount (e.g. {n})
form->step1->receipt I would like to receive a tax receipt
form->step1->title 1. I want to give to Framasoft
form->step2->address1 Address
form->step2->address1_ex e.g. 12 rue de la liberté
form->step2->address2 Addition of address
form->step2->address2_ex e.g. Building VI
form->step2->city City