Key English Italian
form->step1->title 1. I want to give to Framasoft 1. Vorrei donare a Framasoft
form->step2->title 2. I complete my information 2. Completo le mie informazioni
form->step3->title 3. I access the payment 3. Accetto il pagamento
form->step2->zip_ex e.g. 69007 ad es.: 69007
form->step2->firstname_ex e.g. Ada ad es.: Ada
form->step2->email_ex e.g. ad es.:
form->step2->society_email_ex e.g. ad es.:
form->step2->address2_ex e.g. Building VI ad es.: Edificio 6
form->step2->society_ex e.g. Free Software Fondation ad es.: Free Software Foundation
form->step2->city_ex e.g. Lyon ad es.: Lione
form->step2->lastname_ex e.g. Lovelace ad es.: Lovelace
form->step2->nickname_ex e.g. Lady AAL ad es.: Signora AAL
form->step3->now now adesso
form->step2->address1_ex e.g. 12 rue de la liberté ad es.: via della libertà, 12
form->step1->other Other amount (e.g. {n}) Altro importo (ad es.: {n})
form->step3->modal_vir->ref Also note this <b>payment reference</b> which must be added to the description of the transfer: Annota pure questa <b>causale di pagamento</b> che dovrai aggungere alla descrizione del bonifico:
why->money->list->[5] Goods: Aquisto di beni:
form->step3->chq Check Assegno
form->step2->corp_tip Company, association, community… Azienda, associazione, collettivo…
form->step3->vir Transfer Bonifico