Context English Galician
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Task tag Code
HTML/Meta/Title Contribute to Free Software and Free Culture
Task tag Feedback
Content/Home/Header Help us improve and promote Free Software and Free Culture with translations, documentation, feedback, communication… You don't need to be a developper to help!
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Task tag OpenStreetMap
Sidebar label Recommended equipment:
Task tag Support
Task tag Translation
Task tag Wikipedia
Skill name Comprehend English
Guide step content You'll need an account on the platform we use to translate projects.
Guide step title Understand what the project is about
Guide step content In order to translate appropriately a project, it is better to understand what's it about.
Task name Learn to edit OpenStreetMap
Task summary Add details to the community-based world map
Skill name A mouse
Skill summary Editing the map is easier with a mouse in hand.
Guide step title Head over to