Translation projects API.

See the Weblate's Web API documentation for detailed description of the API.

GET /api/projects/mobilizon/?format=api
Content-Type: application/json
Vary: Accept

    "name": "Mobilizon",
    "slug": "mobilizon",
    "id": 2,
    "web": "",
    "web_url": "",
    "url": "",
    "components_list_url": "",
    "repository_url": "",
    "statistics_url": "",
    "categories_url": "",
    "changes_list_url": "",
    "languages_url": "",
    "labels_url": "",
    "translation_review": true,
    "source_review": false,
    "set_language_team": true,
    "instructions": "### Guidelines\r\n\r\n* When in doubt, use the suggestion feature instead of changing the translation directly\r\n* Post a comment to discuss about translations\r\n* Feel free to ask clarification and context on a string\r\n\r\n### Components\r\n\r\nMobilizon has several modules that need to be translated:\r\n\r\n* Frontend: mostly what you see in the web app in your browser\r\n* Activity: every group activity log, that can be sent in emails\r\n* Backend errors: errors returned by the backend (for instance if the event lacks a title)\r\n* Backend: the rest of emails, server-side default configuration, push notifications, …\r\n* Search index: the global search engine\r\n\r\nThe Android app and Android app metadata components are not maintained.\r\n\r\n### Formating\r\n\r\nFrontend (frontend + search index components) and backend (everything else) parts use different formats to hold translations so you may encounter different ways to format strings when translating:\r\n\r\n* Frontend uses the [Vue-I18N]( library\r\n  * Formatting is based on the ICU Message Format syntax, with placeholders like this: `{interpolation}`. **You must never translate what's between the brackets**.\r\n  * It handles pluralization manually by separating versions with pipes :\r\n  * Pluralization rules are included for the majority of languages but some may need to be added manually ([example for Scottish Gaelic](\r\n  * Special characters sometimes have to be escaped. For instance: `{'@'}{username}` would give, after interpolation : `@thomas`. See\r\n\r\n* Backend uses the classic Gettext library and Weblate should support this format much better\r\n  * Placeholders look like this: `This is user %{username}`.",
    "enable_hooks": true,
    "language_aliases": ""