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To contact the author of this form, <a href='@link'> click here</a>
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There was an error inserting expired forms into framaforms_expired : %error
Notifying users of their expired forms.
Error while trying to notify the user : the user's email could be badly configured.
Notified all users of their expired forms.
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Invalid email for user %uid
Removing forms from the framaforms_expired table after their expiration date was pushed back.
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Deleting forms after notification.
The following forms were deleted : %nodes
There is no form to delete.
Error deleting expired nodes : %error
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Submissions for node !nid exported.
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<p>If you select 'yes', all results for this form will be accessible <strong>by everyone</strong>.</p> Even if no one but you will be able to edit the results, this is <strong>NOT RECOMMANDED</strong> because you might make public private information of people who would not want it to be public (first and last names, email and postal addresses, telephone numbers...)</p>
<p><strong>By selecting 'yes', you agree to protect the anonymity of the participants, and will be wholly responsible for information you make public.</strong></p>
<p>Please note that the 'Users having access to results' option below allows you to give access to the results (read, modify and delete) to selected authenticated users.</p>
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Describe what your form is about. This will appear above your form.<br/>
If you want to display pictures, you should consider using an external image hosting service, like <a href='' target='_blank'></a>.
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