Key English
add_new_list Add a new list
add_item Add item
add_item_btn Add item (Shorcut: Ctrl+Enter)
confirm_list_removal Are you sure you want to remove the current list and all its items?
confirm_item_removal Are you sure you want to remove the item "XXX"?
cancel Cancel
change_sort_method Change sorting method
edit_list Change the name of the list
close Close
confirm_before_delete_item Confirm before delete item?
current Current
decrement_number Decrement number
default_list Default list
export_import Export/import
export Export your data
import Import data
increment_number Increment number
source_url It’s a free software, licensed under the terms of the AGPLv3. The source code is on <a href=""></a>.
list List:
edit_item Modify the item