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The invitation %1 can’t be deleted: it wasn’t created by you (%2). lib/Lufi/Controller/Invitation.pm:136
English ($i->token, $c->current_user->{username})
The invitation %1 can’t be resent: it wasn’t created by you (%2). lib/Lufi/Controller/Invitation.pm:187
English ($i->token, $c->current_user->{username})
Unable to download the file: too much unsuccessful attempts to open a websocket. Please, contact the administrator. themes/default/templates/partial/render.js.ep:13
You can't add URLs that are not related to this instance (%1). lib/Lufi/Controller/Mail.pm:43 lib/Lufi/Controller/Mail.pm:59
English ($orig_uri)
The translation has come to an end.