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THEN make the field « Which planet ? » mandatory.
More information Mehr Informationen
Fill the general information describing your form, then click « Submit » to proceed to add form fields.
Once this is done, click on the « Webform » tab <strong>which will only appear once the description is saved !</strong>
Cliquez sur l'onglet « Formulaire » pour poursuivre la création de formulaire...
Here we go ! Los geht's!
Choose your form's components.
You can drag and drop the components on the right into the preview zone to build the form you want.
You can also set advanced parameters for your form by clicking on « Emails », « Conditional fields », etc .
Watch out : it is not recommanded to modify your form once you received at least one submission You might loose your data.
You must insert at least ONE form field before clicking « Submit ». If your form remains empty, it will be considered as a potential spam, and you might loose your work.
Here you can define the same components as with the graphic menu, but in a more... « manual » way.
This might work better on mobile.
is an online, free, add-less and privacy-friendly service to create forms (polls, surveys, quiz, etc.)
This service (and a whole lot of others) are brought to you by
as part of als Teil von
the De-google-ify Internet campaign die Ent-google-isierung Internet Kampagne
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Configure Yakforms Yakforms einstellen
Configuration for Yakforms module
Overview Übersicht
General dashboard containing statistics about your website.
Expiration Ablaufdatum
Instructions page for expired forms.
Instructions to share the form.
Yakforms : your form « [form_title] » will expire soon.
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