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<p>If you select 'yes', all results for this form will be accessible <strong>by everyone</strong>.</p> Even if no one but you will be able to edit the results, this is <strong>NOT RECOMMANDED</strong> because you might make public private information of people who would not want it to be public (first and last names, email and postal addresses, telephone numbers...)</p>
<p><strong>By selecting 'yes', you agree to protect the anonymity of the participants, and will be wholly responsible for information you make public.</strong></p>
<p>Please note that the 'Users having access to results' option below allows you to give access to the results (read, modify and delete) to selected authenticated users.</p>
Expiration date
Public access to results
Template description
Describe what your form is about. This will appear above your form.<br/>
If you want to display pictures, you should consider using an external image hosting service, like <a href='' target='_blank'></a>.
Attached files
Optional banner
Optional image that will be displayed at the top of your form (example : logo or banner).<br/>
After having selected it by clicking 'Browse', don't forget to click 'Upload' to make it available online.
Forms expire after 6 months, and are destroyed after 9 months (this cover 90% of use cases, and avoids database overloads).<br>
At the given date, your form won't be accessible publically. You and you only will however be able to access it - and its results - for 60 more days, from your account.
If you wish to extend its expiration date, you simply have to edit the field above once your form is live.<br>
If this constraint doesn't suit your needs or if you want more information, please refer to <a href='/limitations'>the limitation page</a>.
List this form as a template
A short description of your form template (for example : « Subscription form for an concert »).
Words separated by commas.
If you check this box, you form will be displayed in the public list of templates, allowing anybody to clone it, use it as a form template and adapt it.<strong>If it is listed as a template, any visitor will be able to fill in your form.</strong>.
Upload an image to display with this content.
Users having access to the results.
<p>You can authorize other authenticated users to access this form's results : this requires them already having created an account. To do that, fill in their usernames in the field above (separated by commas if several).</p>
<p>When logged in, these users will have access to the results by browsing to the form's page, and clicking on the 'Results' tab. They will be able to edit and delete results. <strong>They will however NOT be able to edit the form itself</strong> (add or remove fields, change the title, etc).</p>
<p>For more information, see <a href=''>our documentation</a>.</p>
You can attach up to 5 files to your form.
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