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You successfully deleted all selected signatures Avètz suprimit corrèctament totas las signaturas seleccionadas
An error happened while trying to re-send confirmation emails Una error s’es producha en enviar de corrièls de confirmacion
You successfully re-sent all selected confirmation emails Avètz tornat enviar corrèctament totas las confirmacions seleccionadas
You successfully re-sent all confirmation emails Avètz corrèctament enviat totas las confirmacions de corrièl
You successfully changed your password! Cambiament de senhal corrèctament realizat!
Only super users can create an organization. Sonque los super utilizaires pòdon crear una organizacion.
You successfully created organization '{}' Creacion de l’organizacion «{}» corrèctament realizada
Sorry, we are not able to find this petition O planhèm, avèm pas trobat aquesta peticion
This petition does not exist (anymore?). Aquesta peticion existís pas (o pas mai?).
You entered an empty slug text Avètz picatz un tèxte slug void
Successful addition of the slug '{}'! Apondon del permaligam «{}» corrèctament realizat!
The slug '{}' already exists! Lo slug «{}» existís ja!
You don't have the permission to modify petitions Avètz pas l’autorizacion per modificar las peticions
Successful deletion of a slug Permaligam suprimit corrèctament
This petition does not exist. Aquesta peticion existís pas.
You don't have the permission to transfer a petition from Organization '{}' Avètz pas l’autorizacion de transferir una peticion dins l’organizacion «{]»
You don't have the permission to transfer this petition Avètz pas l’autorizacion de transferir aquesta la peticion
Incorrect request, something went wrong. Requèsta incorrècta, quicòm a trucat.
Users are not allowed to transfer petitions to organizations on this instance. Los utilizaires son pas autorizats a transferir de peticions a d’organizacion sus aquesta instància.
You tried to transfer a petition to a non-exiting account Avètz ensajat de transferir una peticion a un compte inexistent
Petition successfully transfered! Peticion corrèctament transferida!
Something went wrong while transferring this petition. O planhèm, quicòm a trucat pendent lo transferiment.
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