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Confirmed? Confirmat?
Subscribed to newsletter? Abonat a la lista de difusion?
This is the default template. Click here to unmark it as default Aquò es un modèl per defaut. Clicatz aquí per lo deseleccionar
Mark this template as default Causir coma modèl per defaut
Edit template Modificar lo modèl
Create a new petition using this template Crear una nòva peticion en utilizant aqueste modèl
Delete template Suprimir lo modèl
Delete this template? Suprimir aqueste modèl de peticion?
You are about to delete the following petition template: Sètz per suprimir lo modèl de peticion seguent:
Do you really want to do this? Volètz vertadièrament far aquò?
Close Tancar
Transfer petition Transferir la peticion
You are going to transfer this petition to someone else: Sètz per transferir aquesta peticion a qualqu’un mai:
Enter the name of the user or organization you want to give the petition to: Dintratz lo nom d’utilizaire o de l’organizacion a qui volètz donar aquesta peticion:
User or Organization name Nom d’utilizaire o d’organizacion
Transfer this petition? Transferir aquesta peticion?
Do you really want to transfer the following petition? Volètz vertadièrament transferir la peticion seguenta?
It will be transfered to: Serà transferida a:
Transfer Transferir
Your public profile Vòstre perfil public
Your petitions Vòstras peticions

<h2>%(org)s: permissions of member %(member)s</h2>

<h2>%(org)s: autorizacion del membre %(member)s</h2>
Permission name Nom de l’autorizacion
Authorized? Autorizat?
Can remove member? Pòt tirar de membres?
Can invite new members? Pòt convidar de nòus membres?
Can create petitions? Pòt crear de peticions?
Can modify petitions? Pòt modificar las peticions?
Can delete petitions? Suprimir las peticions?
Can create petition templates? Pòt crear de modèls de peticion?
Can modify petition templates? Pòt modificar los modèls de peticion?


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