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Multiple unnamed variables

There are multiple unnamed variables in the string, making it impossible for translators to reorder them



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A note here, because the Copyright © will probably rise eyebrows on a Free/Libre and Open-source Project. It is advised to declare a 'copyright holder' before also declaring releasing as Creative Commons for some copyright code of some countries. Note to translators: The %s placeholders are an opening and a closing link tag
percent-placeholders, php-format, placeholders:r"(%[a-z])|(%[0-9][$][a-z])|(<a href=\"\S+\">)|(<\/a>)|(<strong>)|(<\/strong>)|(#pepper&carrot)|([Ll]ibera\.[Cc]hat)|([Mm]", read-only
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a year ago
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a year ago
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po/_catalog.pot, string 119