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Photo of the author, David Revoy with his cat named Noutti while drawing the first episodes of Pepper&Carrot.
The author
Hi, my name is David Revoy and I'm a French artist born in 1981. I'm self-taught and passionate about drawing, painting, cats, computers, Gnu/Linux open-source culture, Internet, old school RPG video-games, old mangas and anime, traditional art, Japanese culture, fantasy…
After more than 10 years of freelance in digital painting, teaching, concept-art, illustrating and art-direction, I decided to start my own project. I finally found a way to mix all my passions together, the result is Pepper&Carrot.
I'm working on this project since May 2014, and I received the help of many contributors and supporters on the way.
You'll find the full list of credits on the <a href="%s">License menu</a>.
My blog:
My email:
The philosophy of Pepper&Carrot
Supported by patrons
Pepper&Carrot project is only funded by its patrons, from all around the world. Each patron sends a little money for each new episode published and gets a credit at the end of the new episode. Thanks to this system, Pepper&Carrot can stay independent and never have to resort to advertising or any marketing pollution.
Pepper and Carrot receiving money from the audience.
100&#37; free(libre), forever, no paywall
All the content I produce about Pepper&Carrot is on this website or on my blog, free(libre) and available to everyone. I respect all of you equally: with or without money. All the goodies I make for my patrons are also posted here. Pepper&Carrot will never ask you to pay anything or to get a subscription to get access to new content.
Carrot, locked behind a paywall.


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