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This work is licensed under a %sCreative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license%s
Copyright © David Revoy
Here is the total list of attributions for the selected language:
Full attribution:
Project management:
Hereva worldbuilding:
Special thanks to:
All patrons of Pepper&Carrot! Your support made all of this possible.
All translators on Pepper&Carrot for their contributions:
<strong>The Framasoft team</strong> for hosting our oversized repositories via their Gitlab instance Framagit.
<strong>The Libera.Chat staff and staff</strong> for our #pepper&carrot community channel.
<strong>All Free/Libre and open-source software</strong> because Pepper&Carrot episodes are created using 100&#37; Free/Libre software on a GNU/Linux operating system. The main ones used in production being:
- <strong>Krita</strong> for artworks (
- <strong>Inkscape</strong> for vector and speechbubbles (
- <strong>Blender</strong> for artworks and video editing (
- <strong>Kdenlive</strong> for video editing (
- <strong>Scribus</strong> for the book project (
- <strong>Gmic</strong> for filters and effects (
- <strong>ImageMagick</strong> & <strong>Bash</strong> for 90&#37; of automation on the project.
And finally to all developers who interacted on fixing Pepper&Carrot specific bug-reports:
... and anyone I've missed.
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