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6213340208914097303 The threats to privacy with YouTube are different from PeerTube's. In YouTube's case, the platform gathers a huge amount of your personal information (not only your IP) to analyze them and track you. Moreover, YouTube is owned by Google/Alphabet, a company that tracks you across many websites (via AdSense or Google Analytics).
2676074687792256808 What can I do to limit the exposure of my IP address? Ite potzo fàghere pro limitare s'espositzione de s'indiritzu IP meu?
8804946818315976118 Your IP address is public so every time you consult a website, there is a number of actors (in addition to the final website) seeing your IP in their connection logs: ISP/routers/trackers/CDN and more. PeerTube is transparent about it: we warn you that if you want to keep your IP private, you must use a VPN or Tor Browser. Thinking that removing P2P from PeerTube will give you back anonymity doesn't make sense.
401806741040118292 What will be done to mitigate this problem? Ite ais a fàghere pro reduire custu problema?
7404776804526394585 PeerTube wants to deliver the best countermeasures possible, to give you more choice and render attacks less likely. Here is what we put in place so far:
8635362984201852982 We set a limit to the number of peers sent by the tracker
8903417899533541365 We set a limit on the request frequency received by the tracker
2470460396724373169 Allow instance admins to disable P2P from the administration interface
5991790391344625653 Ultimately, remember you can always disable P2P by toggling it in the video player, or just by disabling WebRTC in your browser.
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