Key English Portuguese (Brazil)
2728623642717111613 Don't show me this warning anymore Não mostrar mais este alerta
7819314041543176992 Close Fechar
4853631149357965563 Update live settings Update live settings
6013345175862135505 Configure Configure
742596572641738016 Change the language Alterar o idioma
2964653499524716819 Help to translate PeerTube! Ajude a traduzir o PeerTube!
5464118521750361406 Public profile Perfil público
7773271640656013365 Interface: Interface:
1674139713929545659 Videos: Videos:
9156407045661257130 Sensitive: Sensitive:
3430483831942247060 Help share videos Ajude a compartilhar vídeos
7005745151564974365 Keyboard shortcuts Atalhos de teclado
6307374733149824815 powered by PeerTube - CopyLeft 2015-2021 powered by PeerTube - CopyLeft 2015-2021
7911416166208830577 Help Ajuda
8378304669563824772 Get help using PeerTube Obtenha ajuda para usar PeerTube
2497681082724639563 powered by PeerTube powered by PeerTube
7507948636555938109 Log out Sair
8893390761160292681 My account My account
6371572688505952303 My library My library
2308975396733519902 Create an account Criar uma conta
3108704604266608109 My video imports My video imports
949618577357088829 Create a new playlist Create a new playlist
2689878465089314112 Interface: <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ currentInterfaceLanguage }}"/> Interface: <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ currentInterfaceLanguage }}"/>
667372110624203230 Import jobs concurrency Import jobs concurrency
2184839376696112704 allows to import multiple videos in parallel. ⚠️ Requires a PeerTube restart. allows to import multiple videos in parallel. ⚠️ Requires a PeerTube restart.
780513172839038392 jobs in parallel jobs in parallel
5997625369044180192 Allow import with HTTP URL (e.g. YouTube) Allow import with HTTP URL (e.g. YouTube)
7627544798203088407 Discover Descobrir
7844706011418789951 Administration Administração
1726363342938046830 About Sobre
7922989125096435449 Contact Contact


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