Key English Portuguese (Brazil) Actions
3723085768598852106 Video removed from <x id="PH"/> Vídeo removido de <x id="PH"/>
1056145626640340519 Video added in <x id="PH"/> at timestamps <x id="PH_1"/> Vídeo adicionado em <x id="PH"/> na marca de tempo <x id="PH_1"/>
7754186870520534716 Video added in <x id="PH"/> Vídeo adicionado em <x id="PH"/>
985751964589921228 Timestamps updated Marca de tempo atualizada
6421445850411984665 Starts at Starts at
7145200412085189912 Stops at Stops at
921225940108335688 and stops at and stops at
2909684945706361544 Delete video Delete video
2210418817778733727 Actions for the comment Actions for the comment
7978668497183230348 Delete comment Delete comment
6747218355168080191 Do you really want to delete this comment? Do you really want to delete this comment?
7837272126865175984 Comment deleted. Comment deleted.
346270517625845962 Encoder Encoder
2331557444464201331 Format name Format name
45739481977493163 Size Size
7742520815129539114 Bitrate Bitrate
4094960161662677662 Codec Codec
2115592966120408375 Copied Copiado
4323470180912194028 Copy Copy
1472171759957681533 Video reported. Vídeo denunciado.
3622946684246476652 Do you really want to delete this video? Você realmente deseja excluir esse vídeo?
3941342949736653028 Video deleted. Video deleted.
5072091387445907742 Actions for the reporter Actions for the reporter
6599069899275412095 Mute reporter Mute reporter
3099741642167775297 Download Download
7672331870004528654 Display live information Display live information
4021752662928002901 Update Update
420763834450076269 Block Bloquear
6521421218398377925 Run HLS transcoding Run HLS transcoding
4956271014213477815 Run WebTorrent transcoding Run WebTorrent transcoding
5972374600810542430 Delete HLS files Delete HLS files


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English Portuguese (Brazil)
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