Key English Malayalam Actions
ng2.template///8930852890861583005 Blur thumbnails ലഘുചിത്രങ്ങൾ മങ്ങിക്കുക
ng2.template///6812930637022637485 Display പ്രദർശിപ്പിക്കുക
ng2.template///5056489767203690328 Who moderates the instance? What is the policy regarding NSFW videos? Political videos? etc
ng2.template///2047672753819413550 YOU AND YOUR INSTANCE നിങ്ങളും നിങ്ങളുടെ മേഖലയും
ng2.template///3968335261686887328 Who is behind the instance?
ng2.template///7323194786468446482 A single person? A non-profit? A company?
ng2.template///5480243297215266596 Why did you create this instance?
ng2.template///6995481962115300007 To share your personal videos? To open registrations and allow people to upload what they want?
ng2.template///3667968987954856844 How long do you plan to maintain this instance?
ng2.template///6722472563287778070 It's important to know for users who want to register on your instance
ng2.template///8362291348781958428 How will you finance the PeerTube server?
ng2.template///2441006645448216398 With your own funds? With user donations? Advertising?
ng2.template///6853511883515031762 OTHER INFORMATION മറ്റ് വിവരങ്ങൾ
ng2.template///3447208665089679283 What server/hardware does the instance run on?
ng2.template///4739907951373047958 i.e. 2vCore 2GB RAM, a direct the link to the server you rent, etc.
ng2.template///493135676263039396 LIVE തത്സമയം
ng2.template///1429138002697017359 Enable users of your instance to stream live.
ng2.template///2281161665447607254 Allow live streaming തത്സമയ സംപ്രേക്ഷണം അനുവദിക്കുക
ng2.template///8894612824234881672 ⚠️ Enabling live streaming requires trust in your users and extra moderation work
ng2.template///5205613575147327732 If enabled, your server needs to accept incoming TCP traffic on port <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ getLiveRTMPPort() }}"/>
ng2.template///6421580347313273983 Allow your users to automatically publish a replay of their live
ng2.template///3472969629566153023 If the user quota is reached, PeerTube will automatically terminate the live streaming
ng2.template///4420104899393268652 Max simultaneous lives created on your instance <x id="START_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;span class=&quot;text-muted&quot;&gt;"/>(-1 for "unlimited")<x id="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;/span&gt;"/>
ng2.template///6830777508073747241 {VAR_PLURAL, plural, =1 {live} other {lives}}
ng2.template///7210210728441530221 Max simultaneous lives created per user <x id="START_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;span class=&quot;text-muted&quot;&gt;"/>(-1 for "unlimited")<x id="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;/span&gt;"/>
ng2.template///1521259619066122077 Max live duration
ng2.template///7911929966701561067 TRANSCODING ട്രാൻസ്കോഡിംഗ്
ng2.template///8212237880239644112 Same as VOD transcoding, transcoding live streams so that they are in a streamable form that any device can play. Requires a beefy CPU, and then some.
ng2.template///6759167469686242835 Transcoding enabled for live streams
ng2.template///6727057461851446921 Live resolutions to generate
ng2.template///5309195634424105927 Live transcoding threads
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