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ng2.template///198278273748445199 Video uploads are disabled on this instance, hence your account won't be able to upload videos. Asali n tvidyutin yensa deg tummant-a, amiḍan-ik·im ur yettizmir ara ad d-isali tividyutin.
ng2.template///3301086086650990787 Register Sekles
ng2.template///6979021199788941693 Your message has been sent. Izen-ik·im yettwazen.
ng2.template///2072135752262464360 You already sent this form recently Tuzneḍ yakan tiferkit-a
ng2.template///1097932116708163073 This website is powered by PeerTube This website is powered by PeerTube
ng2.template///819067926858619041 Account videos Tividyutin n umiḍan
ng2.template///4605517634011438234 ACCOUNT ACCOUNT
ng2.template///6823616469362610020 Account video channels Ibuda n tvidyut n umiḍan
ng2.template///807777065817324789 Display all videos (private, unlisted or not yet published) Sken meṛṛa tividyutin (tusligin, ur d-nettwabder ara neɣ tid urɛad i d-neffiɣ)
ng2.template///784681343382270982 Remove this filter Remove this filter
ng2.template///5254305728396198887 Sensitive content Sensitive content
ng2.template///5590086849807274701 Scope Scope
ng2.template///5019568087038659501 Federated Federated
ng2.template///1949800099101277248 Languages Languages
ng2.template///1902100407096396858 Categories Categories
ng2.template///3599150758014724057 All videos All videos
ng2.template///8466337030143068285 Blurred Blurred
ng2.template///7054829409324166420 hidden hidden
ng2.template///5766954855630346873 blurred blurred
ng2.template///1833483831276078393 displayed displayed
ng2.template///4856575356061361269 <x id="PH"/> direct account followers <x id="PH"/> ineḍfaren n umiḍan usriden
ng2.template///6250999352462648289 Report this account Azen aneqqis ɣef umiḍan-a
ng2.template///2614607010577950577 Overview Overview
ng2.template///1504521795586863905 VIDEOS VIDEOS
ng2.template///25349740244798533 Username copied Yettwanɣel yisem n useqdac
ng2.template///9221735175659318025 1 subscriber 1 umulteɣ
ng2.template///4097331874769079975 <x id="PH"/> subscribers <x id="PH"/> yimultaɣ
ng2.template///3008420115644088420 Configuration Tawila
ng2.template///1035838766454786107 Audio-only Ameslaw kan
ng2.template///8011855989482474311 A &lt;code&gt;.mp4&lt;/code&gt; that keeps the original audio track, with no video &lt;code&gt;.mp4&lt;/code&gt; ara yeṭṭfen ameslaw aneẓli, s wartavidyut
ng2.template///7756250490108954499 144p 144p


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English Kabyle
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