Key English Kabyle Actions
ng2.template///5095562193296630034 Preferences saved Ismenyifen ttwaskelsen
ng2.template///4967231969832964676 Profile updated. Amaɣnu yettwaleqqem.
ng2.template///6721822899525405039 People can find you using @<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="sing @{{ user.usern"/>@<x id="INTERPOLATION_1" equiv-text="me }}@{{ instanceH"/> Imdanen zemren ad ak·akem-id-afen s useqdec n @<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="sing @{{ user.usern"/>@<x id="INTERPOLATION_1" equiv-text="me }}@{{ instanceH"/>
ng2.template///3525866160632851851 Avatar changed. Yettwabeddel avaṭar.
ng2.template///8920809083620698740 avatar avaṭar
ng2.template///2775050991871557896 Avatar deleted. Yettwakkes avaṭar.
ng2.template///1233062525939746039 Unknown language Tutlayt tarussint
ng2.template///3761504852202418603 Too many languages are enabled. Please enable them all or stay below 20 enabled languages. Aṭas n tutlayin i yettwaremden. Ttxil-k·m rmed-itent akk neɣ qqim ddaw deg 20 n tutlayin yettwaremden.
ng2.template///3960396487495291449 Video settings updated. Iɣewwaren n tvidyut ttwaremden.
ng2.template///3326446048041727269 Display/Video settings updated. Iɣewwaren n tvidyut/n uskan ttwaleqqmen.
ng2.template///1137937154872046253 Video channel <x id="PH"/> created. Abadu n tvidyut <x id="PH"/> yettwarna.
ng2.template///8723777130353305761 This name already exists on this instance. Isem-a yella yakan ɣef tummant-a.
ng2.template///7589345916094713536 Video channel <x id="PH"/> updated. Abadu n tvidyut <x id="PH"/> yettwaleqqem.
ng2.template///8407755843502300957 Banner changed. Aɣarrac yettwabeddel.
ng2.template///689638706960732906 banner aɣarrac
ng2.template///3230561499965076671 Banner deleted. Aɣrrac yettwakkes.
ng2.template///624066830180032195 Video channel <x id="PH"/> deleted. Abadu n tvidyut <x id="PH"/> yettwakkes.
ng2.template///6450826648284332649 Views for the day Timeẓriyin deg ass
ng2.template///7440637814928143808 My followers My followers
ng2.template///2521678336272309407 No follower found. No follower found.
ng2.template///5294742063044966238 Follower page Follower page
ng2.template///797409137967291468 Is following all your channels Is following all your channels
ng2.template///7940720844854710428 Is following your channel <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ }}"/> Is following your channel <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ }}"/>
ng2.template///1716062177529601456 Channel filters Channel filters
ng2.template///6059091237492573541 Update video channel Leqqem abadu n tvidyut
ng2.template///6595008830732269870 Not found Ur yettwaf ara
ng2.template///1009095940160473792 URL parameter is missing in URL parameters Aɣewwar n URL ixuṣṣ deg yiɣewwaren n URL
ng2.template///7553172329217243895 Cannot access to the remote resource Anekcum ɣer uɣbalu anmeggag d awezɣi
ng2.template///1636934520301910285 Reset password Reset password
ng2.template///3851357780293085233 Remote interaction Amyigew anmeggag
ng2.template///5032453707232754344 Playlist <x id="PH"/> created. Tabdart n tɣuri <x id="PH"/> tettwarna.


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