Key English Kabyle Actions
ng2.template///1504521795586863905 VIDEOS TIVIDYUTIN
ng2.template///25349740244798533 Username copied Yettwanɣel yisem n useqdac
ng2.template///9221735175659318025 1 subscriber 1 umulteɣ
ng2.template///4097331874769079975 <x id="PH"/> subscribers <x id="PH"/> yimultaɣ
ng2.template///3008420115644088420 Configuration Tawila
ng2.template///1035838766454786107 Audio-only Ameslaw kan
ng2.template///8011855989482474311 A &lt;code&gt;.mp4&lt;/code&gt; that keeps the original audio track, with no video &lt;code&gt;.mp4&lt;/code&gt; ara yeṭṭfen ameslaw aneẓli, s wartavidyut
ng2.template///7756250490108954499 144p 144p
ng2.template///3768852440495368591 240p 240p
ng2.template///6824490596490222280 360p 360p
ng2.template///4039682741786530029 480p 480p
ng2.template///5165245100010036661 720p 720p
ng2.template///7709767791012306261 1080p 1080p
ng2.template///3671005503070777897 1440p 1440p
ng2.template///597839553814574067 2160p 2160p
ng2.template///3957742085471141221 Auto (via ffmpeg) Awurman (s ffmpeg)
ng2.template///3642770981085338761 Followers of your instance Followers of your instance
ng2.template///931255636742351800 No limit Ulac talast
ng2.template///5250062810079582285 1 hour 1 asrag
ng2.template///8662356672298904015 3 hours 3 n isragen
ng2.template///1794624538833178491 5 hours 5 yisragen
ng2.template///4941148355486671862 10 hours 10 yisragen
ng2.template///6659155428791414865 x264, targeting maximum device compatibility x264, i umṣada afellay d yibenkan
ng2.template///1473738049081128420 Estimating a server's capacity to transcode and stream videos isn't easy and we can't tune PeerTube automatically. Aseḍkeḍ n tezmart n uqeddac i wanigtengel d usuddem n tvidyutin ur yeshil ara yerna ur nezmir ara ad nṣeggem PeerTube s wudem awurman.
ng2.template///9122600735711449044 However, you may want to read our guidelines before tweaking the following values. Akken yebɣu yili, tzemreḍ ad teɣreḍ iwellihen-nneɣ send ad tbeddleḍ azalen-a.
ng2.template///9035429011363248302 Read guidelines Γer iwellihen
ng2.template///2384409178337534505 Process uploaded videos so that they are in a streamable form that any device can play. Though costly in resources, this is a critical part of PeerTube, so tread carefully. Sesfer tividyutin i d-yettwasulin akken ara yilint am yisuddimen ara yizmiren akk ibenkan ad d-ɣren. Γas akken yesɣamay-d ɣlay deg yiɣbula, ma ca aya yettuneḥsab d aḥric yesεan aṭas azal deg Peertube, ihi ddu kan s leεqel.
ng2.template///1618463615802675111 threads asqerdec
ng2.template///593234948551881507 thread akala afessas
ng2.template///709846045064893539 Updating instance configuration from the web interface is disabled by the system administrator. Updating instance configuration from the web interface is disabled by the system administrator.
ng2.template///1305357231288135414 Homepage Homepage


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