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Key English Kabyle
ng2.template///3791201588898094481 Manually set the user password Sbadu s ufus awal uffir n useqdac
ng2.template///8286337167859377104 Create user Rnu aseqdac
ng2.template///8363291180171434623 Table parameters Table parameters
ng2.template///5230110096688656830 Select columns Fren tigejda
ng2.template///5893518121808195081 Highlight banned users Sebrureq iseqdacen yettwagedlen
ng2.template///7049348886126005391 Batch actions Tigawin s uεemmuṛ
ng2.template///675721269041534709 The user was banned Aseqdac yettwagdel
ng2.template///2348557406282409966 Open account in a new tab Ldi amiḍan deg yiccer amaynut
ng2.template///3111569165173971676 Deleted account Amiḍan yettwakksen
ng2.template///3254358851993549668 User's email must be verified to login Imayl n useqdac ilaq ad yettusenqad i wakken ad teqqneḍ
ng2.template///3939342579126794385 User's email is verified / User can login without email verification Imayl n useqdac yettwasenqed / Aseqdac yezmer ad yekcem s war imayl n usenqed
ng2.template///242888077027281874 Total daily video quota Asemday n ufmiḍi n tvidyut n wass
ng2.template///1242902302929086301 Ban reason: Ssebba n ugdal:
ng2.template///6124612368324200166 Banned users Banned users
ng2.template///5642198289374753866 Showing <x id="INTERPOLATION"/> to <x id="INTERPOLATION_1"/> of <x id="INTERPOLATION_2"/> users Askan n <x id="INTERPOLATION"/> i <x id="INTERPOLATION_1"/> n <x id="INTERPOLATION_2"/> yiseqdacen
ng2.template///2049290282534091182 Moderation Moderation
ng2.template///1868606282505332204 Reports Ineqqisen
ng2.template///746099155736913817 Video blocks Imsewḥal n tvidyutin
ng2.template///7427986413651551775 Video comments Iwenniten n tvidyut
ng2.template///7815838401315213887 Muted accounts Imiḍanen yettwasgugmen
ng2.template///5668793810321242853 Muted servers Iqeddacen yettwasgugmen
ng2.template///3008420115644088420 Configuration Tawila
ng2.template///7574091010118901399 Sensitive Amḥulfu
ng2.template///2478877938420291792 Unfederated Ur d-yettεawad ara
ng2.template///7692347838587821095 Date <x id="START_TAG_P_SORTICON"/><x id="CLOSE_TAG_P_SORTICON"/> Azemz n <x id="START_TAG_P_SORTICON"/><x id="CLOSE_TAG_P_SORTICON"/>


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