Key English Kabyle
ng2.template///6871668720687277843 Remove & re-draft Kkes & ales tira
ng2.template///60216491008745400 Actions on comment Actions on comment
ng2.template///992317512448454409 {VAR_PLURAL, plural, =0 {Comments} =1 {1 Comment} other {<x id="INTERPOLATION"/> Comments}} {VAR_PLURAL, plural, =0 {Iwenniten} =1 {1 uwennit} other {<x id="INTERPOLATION"/> Iwenniten}}
ng2.template///4903651219400691248 Mute account Sgugem amiḍan
ng2.template///4021487547497211597 Open video actions Ldi tigawin n tvidyut
ng2.template///3076101305843397295 Do you really want to unblock <x id="PH" equiv-text=""/>? It will be available again in the videos list. Do you really want to unblock <x id="PH" equiv-text=""/>? It will be available again in the videos list.
ng2.template///8359747231611535508 Unblock <x id="PH" equiv-text=""/> Unblock <x id="PH" equiv-text=""/>
ng2.template///3719503424625455635 Mute server account Sgugem amiḍan n uqeddac
ng2.template///4058575476871566236 Published Yeffeɣ-d
ng2.template///1747928867514972971 Publication scheduled on Tasuffeɣt tettusɣawas ass
ng2.template///5093002376262354382 Transcoding failed Transcoding failed
ng2.template///4887724548587271148 Waiting transcoding Aṛaǧu n wanigtengel
ng2.template///4517785179607945981 To transcode i wanigtengel
ng2.template///3299576663551440736 To import I uktar
ng2.template///8492933894084361602 Subscribe to RSS feed "<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ title }}"/>" Subscribe to RSS feed "<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ title }}"/>"
ng2.template///187187500641108332 <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ noResultMessage }}"/> <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ noResultMessage }}"/>
ng2.template///1795705931707209785 Add to watch later Rnu ad tt-twaliḍ ticki
ng2.template///8498940878158860248 Remove from watch later Kkes-it seg uwali tmeẓriwt-nniḍen
ng2.template///1219783168145776019 LIVE ENDED USRID YEKFA
ng2.template///2439066254855913806 Only I can see this video Ala nekk i izemren ad iwali tavidyut-a
ng2.template///6767380569816110388 Only shareable via a private link Beṭṭu-ines ad yili kan s useɣwen uslig
ng2.template///6828965264297239528 Anyone can see this video Medden akk zemren ad walin tavidyut-a
ng2.template///1425933035739773115 Only users of this instance can see this video Ala iseqdacen n tummant-a i izemren ad walin tavidyut-a
ng2.template///8312101634344200207 <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.views"/> viewers <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.views"/> yimsefliden
ng2.template///7756087706411154095 <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.views"/> views <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.views"/> yisenqaden
ng2.template///5210096066382592800 Video to import updated. Tavidyut ara d-yettwaketren tettuleqqem.
ng2.template///3284171506518522275 Your video was uploaded to your account and is private. Tavidyut-ik·im tettwasuli ɣer umiḍan-ik·im yerna d tusligt.
ng2.template///5699822024600815733 But associated data (tags, description...) will be lost, are you sure you want to leave this page? Maca ad tesruḥeḍ isefka yemcudden (tibzimin, aglam...), d tidet tebɣiḍ ad teffɣeḍ seg usebter-a?
ng2.template///1219739004043110649 Your video is not uploaded yet, are you sure you want to leave this page? Tavidyut-a mazal ur d-tettwasuli ara, d tidet tebɣiḍ ad teffɣeḍ seg usebter-a?
ng2.template///6932865105766151309 Upload Sali
ng2.template///8278735427925094503 Upload <x id="PH"/> Sali-d <x id="PH"/>


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English Kabyle
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