Key English Galician
9167786874272926575 Web Web
1967081128372276674 My Playlists Listas reprodución
2317130384024575795 NEW PLAYLIST NOVA LISTAXE
3438686710205841496 Create playlist Crear listaxe
7040375308762081154 My video channels As miñas canles
7418836785553125957 Create a new video channel Crear unha nova canle de vídeo
8828123061564507501 Playlist <x id="PH"/>} deleted. Lista <x id="PH"/>} eliminada.
3943893855105372623 Playlist thumbnail Miniatura da lista
7743343997362363486 No videos in this playlist. Sen vídeos nesta listaxe.
2427149618141327033 Browse videos on PeerTube to add them in your playlist. Busca vídeos en PeerTube para engadilos ás túas listas.
8901774330683812267 See the <x id="START_LINK"/>documentation<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/> for more information. Le a <x id="START_LINK"/>documentación<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/> para saber máis.
5904811038805050477 Welcome to PeerTube! Benvida a PeerTube!
3461985498881453026 If you need help to use PeerTube, you can have a look at the <x id="START_LINK"/>documentation<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>. Se precisas axuda para usar PeerTube, podes ler a <x id="START_LINK"/>documentación<x id="CLOSE_LINK"/>.
8844610145426272276 To help moderators and other users to know <x id="START_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;strong&gt;"/>who you are<x id="CLOSE_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;/strong&gt;"/>, don't forget to <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a routerLink=&quot;/my-account/settings&quot;&gt;"/>set up your account profile<x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt;"/> by adding an <x id="START_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;strong&gt;"/>avatar<x id="CLOSE_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;/strong&gt;"/> and a <x id="START_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;strong&gt;"/>description<x id="CLOSE_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;/strong&gt;"/>. Axuda á moderación e outras usuarias a <x id="START_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;strong&gt;"/>saber quen es<x id="CLOSE_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;/strong&gt;"/>, non esquezas <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a routerLink=&quot;/my-account/settings&quot;&gt;"/>completar o perfil da túa conta<x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt;"/> engadindo un <x id="START_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;strong&gt;"/>avatar<x id="CLOSE_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;/strong&gt;"/> e unha <x id="START_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;strong&gt;"/>descrición<x id="CLOSE_TAG_STRONG" ctype="x-strong" equiv-text="&lt;/strong&gt;"/>.
3030338154442300172 Created <x id="ICU" xid="498463490165953744" equiv-text="{pagination.totalItems, plural, =1 {1 playlist} other {{{ pagination.totalItems }} playlists}}"/> Creado <x id="ICU" equiv-text="{pagination.totalItems, plural, =1 {1 playlist} other {{{ pagination.totalItems }} playlists}}"/>
3505845886770923767 {VAR_PLURAL, plural, =1 {1 playlist} other {<x id="INTERPOLATION"/> playlists}} {VAR_PLURAL, plural, =1 {1 listaxe} other {<x id="INTERPOLATION"/> listaxes}}
8746826171043347689 Verify account email confirmation Verifica o email de confirmación da conta
5705969545943613067 Email updated. Email actualizado.
5321335688371682440 An error occurred. Algo fallou.
9128669621822125729 Video channel videos Vídeos da canle
3193822049276963401 Video channel playlists Listas da canle
1949999959792821767 Manage channel Xestionar canle
4302331889176439801 Request email for account verification Solicita un email para verificar a conta
4027779086550572813 Send verification email Enviar email de verificación
8610022770999239699 This instance does not require email verification. Esta instancia non require un email de verificación.
248731258067914565 Verify account via email Verificar conta por email
9197112111252826229 Ask to send an email to verify you account Pedir enviar un email para verficiar a túa conta
2999492056553212422 Banned Prohibido
4572885137800697555 Instance muted Instancia acalada
302022805144581075 Muted by your instance Acalado pola túa instancia


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