Key English Finnish
375263728166936544 You need to reconnect. Sinun pitää yhdistää udelleen.
2206638022166154361 Keyboard Shortcuts: Pikanäppäimet:
3608407683173066091 My history My history
4024404994702813072 In my library In my library
232050922346936574 Trending Trending
6470888608149621404 ON <x id="PH" equiv-text=""/> ON <x id="PH" equiv-text=""/>
2821179408673282599 Home Home
4648900870671159218 Success Onnistui
1266887509445371246 Incorrect username or password. Virheellinen käyttäjänimi tai salasana.
6974874606619467663 Your account is blocked. Your account is blocked.
7939914198003891823 any language any language
5633144232269377096 hide hide
8603861867909474404 blur blur
4534458451100881847 display display
4467323362722952678 Unknown Unknown
8781423666414310853 Your password has been successfully reset! Your password has been successfully reset!
6048892649018070225 Today Tänään
4498682414491138092 Yesterday Yesterday
5073473933031004097 This week This week
842657237693374355 This month This month
4463380307954693363 Last month Last month
7473676707373218484 Older Older
5036991421517255667 Cannot load more videos. Try again later. Cannot load more videos. Try again later.
4873149362496451858 Last 7 days Viimeiset 7 päivää
2949150997160654358 Last 30 days Viimeiset 30 päivää
5328600704510694984 Last 365 days Viimeiset 365 päivää
8487565500496466433 Short (&lt; 4 min) Lyhyt (&lt; 4 min)
3642535017283477339 Medium (4-10 min) Keskiverto (4-10 min)
6613870447286561244 Long (&gt; 10 min) Pitkä (&gt; 10 min)


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