Key English Basque Actions
3960396487495291449 Video settings updated. Video settings updated.
3326446048041727269 Display/Video settings updated. Display/Video settings updated.
1137937154872046253 Video channel <x id="PH"/> created. <x id="PH"/> bideo kanala sortuta.
8723777130353305761 This name already exists on this instance. Izen hau hartuta dago instantzia honetan
7589345916094713536 Video channel <x id="PH"/> updated. <x id="PH"/> bideo kanala eguneratuta.
8407755843502300957 Banner changed. Banner changed.
689638706960732906 banner banner
3230561499965076671 Banner deleted. Banner deleted.
624066830180032195 Video channel <x id="PH"/> deleted. <x id="PH"/> bideo kanala ezabatuta.
6450826648284332649 Views for the day Views for the day
7440637814928143808 My followers My followers
2521678336272309407 No follower found. No follower found.
5294742063044966238 Follower page Follower page
797409137967291468 Is following all your channels Is following all your channels
7940720844854710428 Is following your channel <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ }}"/> Is following your channel <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ }}"/>
1716062177529601456 Channel filters Channel filters
6059091237492573541 Update video channel Update video channel
6595008830732269870 Not found Not found
1009095940160473792 URL parameter is missing in URL parameters URL parameter is missing in URL parameters
7553172329217243895 Cannot access to the remote resource Cannot access to the remote resource
1636934520301910285 Reset password Reset password
3851357780293085233 Remote interaction Remote interaction
5032453707232754344 Playlist <x id="PH"/> created. Playlist <x id="PH"/> created.
5674286808255988565 Create Create
8869957234869568361 Update playlist Update playlist
5851560788527570644 Notifications Notifications
6658000829978978023 Applications Applications
104404386496394770 Delete playlist Delete playlist
1431617394009162547 Playlist <x id="PH"/> updated. Playlist <x id="PH"/> updated.
4844578664427956129 Change ownership Change ownership
3380608219513805292 Playlist <x id="PH"/> deleted. Playlist <x id="PH"/> deleted.


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