Key English Spanish Actions
7951488350851416577 Hosts entered are invalid. Los hosts ingresados no son válidos.
1469559036084108672 Hosts entered contain duplicates. Los hosts ingresados contienen duplicados.
5991533283446904296 Hosts or handles are invalid. Los hosts o controladores no son válidos.
6759198394434886237 Hosts or handles contain duplicates. Los hosts o identificadores contienen duplicados.
240806681889331244 Unlimited Ilimitado
5504952199515017930 None - no upload possible Ninguno - no es posible cargar
616370606803836610 100MB 100MB
9162997081789455476 500MB 500MB
1541266817985876981 1GB 1GB
6075751004411938819 5GB 5GB
246811372655482890 20GB 20GB
2491910291056632032 50GB 50GB
5514849824631859021 100GB 100GB
8245180845645676506 200GB 200GB
5468089754278798237 500GB 500GB
3977630500122496087 10MB 10MB
2060593120571755546 50MB 50MB
7653028819867308249 2GB 2GB
7641416475804061087 10GB 10GB
2520968456492632777 <x id="PH"/> accepted in instance followers <x id="PH"/>aceptado en instancia seguidores
450530533730658004 Do you really want to reject this follower? ¿De verdad quieres rechazar a este seguidor?
7378878529334768232 Reject Rechazar
2040902819815401278 <x id="PH"/> rejected from instance followers <x id="PH"/> rechazado de seguidores de instancia
3620117223790525725 Do you really want to delete this follower? ¿Realmente quieres eliminar este seguidor?
7022070615528435141 Delete Eliminar
2452034338905853167 <x id="PH"/> removed from instance followers <x id="PH"/> eliminado de seguidores de instancia
6018246591673612412 Follow Seguir
3596798855644241001 1 host (without "http://"), account handle or channel handle per line 1 host (sin "http: //"), identificador de cuenta o identificador de canal por línea
2740793005745065895 <x id="PH"/> is not valid <x id="PH"/> no es válido
2355066641781598196 Follow request(s) sent! ¡Petición(es) de seguimiento enviada(s)!
3459358413436264734 Your instance subscriptions Sus suscripciones de instancias


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a year ago
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a year ago
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client/src/locale/, string 1299