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Key English Actions
ng2.template///1794219875546376069 User <x id="PH"/> unbanned.
985751964589921228 Timestamps updated
ng2.template///4350392487994839749 If you remove this user, you won't be able to create another user or channel with &lt;strong&gt;<x id="PH" equiv-text="user.username"/>&lt;/strong&gt; username!
6421445850411984665 Starts at
ng2.template///6307826440781941134 Delete <x id="PH" equiv-text="user.username"/>
7145200412085189912 Stops at
ng2.template///6301381219225831298 User <x id="PH"/> deleted.
921225940108335688 and stops at
2909684945706361544 Delete video
ng2.template///3896582359861826661 User <x id="PH"/> email set as verified
ng2.template///8150022485860412528 Account <x id="PH"/> muted.
2210418817778733727 Actions for the comment
ng2.template///1598375456114200087 Instance <x id="PH"/> muted.
7978668497183230348 Delete comment
ng2.template///3085641638748358969 Account <x id="PH"/> unmuted by the instance.
6747218355168080191 Do you really want to delete this comment?
ng2.template///4991892477258601737 Instance <x id="PH"/> muted by the instance.
7837272126865175984 Comment deleted.
ng2.template///4379430340167561220 Instance <x id="PH"/> unmuted by the instance.
346270517625845962 Encoder
ng2.template///8173437618471379044 Are you sure you want to remove all the comments of this account?
2331557444464201331 Format name
ng2.template///6315346579373254461 Delete account comments
45739481977493163 Size
7742520815129539114 Bitrate
ng2.template///8559170154828316298 Will remove comments of this account (may take several minutes).
4094960161662677662 Codec
ng2.template///4268530178786707817 My account moderation
ng2.template///7187838764371214919 Edit user
2115592966120408375 Copied
4323470180912194028 Copy
ng2.template///4728427543536046034 Change quota, role, and more.
ng2.template///7913022656086109932 Delete user
1472171759957681533 Video reported.
ng2.template///9201562016527884133 Unsubscribed from <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.videoChannels[0].nameWithHost"/>
3622946684246476652 Do you really want to delete this video?
ng2.template///7577876364431026966 Unban user
ng2.template///3508163549683020253 Allow the user to login and create videos/comments again
3941342949736653028 Video deleted.
ng2.template///1888272455383898478 Mute this account
5072091387445907742 Actions for the reporter
ng2.template///2365286519320230773 Hide any content from that user from you.
6599069899275412095 Mute reporter
3099741642167775297 Download
ng2.template///4043508901590508211 Unmute this account
7672331870004528654 Display live information
ng2.template///2843593344827160627 Show back content from that user for you.
ng2.template///6198109035280957164 Mute the instance
4021752662928002901 Update
ng2.template///4537735378779630558 Hide any content from that instance for you.
420763834450076269 Block
6521421218398377925 Run HLS transcoding
ng2.template///6247487021683085858 Unmute the instance
ng2.template///4024846984475742259 Show back content from that instance for you.
4956271014213477815 Run WebTorrent transcoding
ng2.template///3108200185023875257 Remove comments from your videos
5972374600810542430 Delete HLS files
ng2.template///4810478487244286994 Remove comments made by this account on your videos.
ng2.template///5629495543088475111 Instance default theme (<x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ getDefaultThemeLabel() }}"/>)
3844238590532933757 Delete WebTorrent files
1314383205093440631 Are you sure you want to delete {count, plural, =1 {this video} other {these <x id="count"/> videos}}?
ng2.template///2077144178298031252 Hide any content from that user from you, your instance and its users.
1950057220179636309 Save to playlist
ng2.template///7675070596643104983 Show this user's content to the users of this instance again.
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