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ng2.template///8817667841110447397 Those requests have to be sent regularly to know who starts/stops watching a video. It is easy to detect that kind of behaviour
252719899360434356 Manage <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a routerLink=&quot;/admin/follows&quot;&gt;"/>relations<x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt; "/> with other instances.
ng2.template///321e4419a943044e674beb55b8039f42a9761ca5 Info
ng2.template///a8059e31694578c1b0344a76a345357dd60e8f01 Warning
ng2.template///4100327951517495019 If an IP address is stored in the tracker, it doesn't mean that the person behind the IP (if this person exists) has watched the video
9119248927271669654 Other instances can follow yours
ng2.template///6080b77234e92ad41bb52653b239c4c4f851317d Error
7015551137649102649 Manually approve new instance followers
ng2.template///7196664247366401915 The IP address is a vague information: usually, it regularly changes and can represent many persons or entities
ng2.template///1120376809358109718 Web peers are not publicly accessible: because we use the websocket transport, the protocol is different from classic BitTorrent tracker. When you are in a web browser, you send a signal containing your IP address to the tracker that will randomly choose other peers to forward the information to. See <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;"/>this document<x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt; "/> for more information
4803992993548153434 Automatically follow back instances
ng2.template///36c42d3ca8973e91a59cbfda455d5a2e60ee460d Standard logs
ng2.template///7812408733559506009 The worst-case scenario of an average person spying on their friends is quite unlikely. There are much more effective ways to get that kind of information.
ng2.template///6bc73c8f1beb10bd499ed4272eb599c04768adb8 Audit logs
2092224316392295720 ⚠️ This functionality requires a lot of attention and extra moderation.
ng2.template///364463fab6c5714118d6449561a0f8de1cc10bfa User <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{username}}"/> created.
ng2.template///8484650229450883706 How does PeerTube compare with YouTube?
1718269478813020014 Index URL
ng2.template///6213340208914097303 The threats to privacy with YouTube are different from PeerTube's. In YouTube's case, the platform gathers a huge amount of your personal information (not only your IP) to analyze them and track you. Moreover, YouTube is owned by Google/Alphabet, a company that tracks you across many websites (via AdSense or Google Analytics).
ng2.template///924084727dc179dd5dc1a63dc3452ad41e4a8842 Password changed for user <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{username}}"/>.
1258618443362430782 <x id="ICU"/><x id="START_TAG_SPAN"/><x id="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN"/>
173263206605027981 Automatically follow instances of a public index
9076632742417302918 See <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a href=&quot;; rel=&quot;noopener noreferer&quot; target=&quot;_blank&quot;&gt;"/>the documentation<x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt; "/> for more information about the expected URL
ng2.template///2676074687792256808 What can I do to limit the exposure of my IP address?
ng2.template///2dbda576172f583154031550e251e5a1e49207b2 Update user password
ng2.template///8804946818315976118 Your IP address is public so every time you consult a website, there is a number of actors (in addition to the final website) seeing your IP in their connection logs: ISP/routers/trackers/CDN and more. PeerTube is transparent about it: we warn you that if you want to keep your IP private, you must use a VPN or Tor Browser. Thinking that removing P2P from PeerTube will give you back anonymity doesn't make sense.
ng2.template///53f1b1c721870641753bde76831e4c75b969ac1b User <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{user.username}}"/> updated.
ng2.template///6250599179731937899 Showing <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="ageReportTemp"/> to <x id="INTERPOLATION_1" equiv-text="=&quot;Showing {{"/> of <x id="INTERPOLATION_2" equiv-text="rst}'}} to {{'{last}"/> muted instances
3946988229617310200 ADMINISTRATORS
2149300564474427551 Administrator
ng2.template///9910122dfedd2eaa544a990f1430e5b82a76d99f Update user
ng2.template///401806741040118292 What will be done to mitigate this problem?
ng2.template///9f0d12f959768275edb5fd71001a41e17d5d7548 An email asking for password reset has been sent to <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{username}}"/>.
3171683206914962995 Admin email
ng2.template///7404776804526394585 PeerTube wants to deliver the best countermeasures possible, to give you more choice and render attacks less likely. Here is what we put in place so far:
ng2.template///a3f529c8552196571418065c5b81a44ae2f94972 Videos will be deleted, comments will be tombstoned.
4722881456283329321 Enable contact form
ng2.template///8635362984201852982 We set a limit to the number of peers sent by the tracker
ng2.template///319c89ebc6de62d35b794da23c9794af9b16514e User won't be able to login anymore, but videos and comments will be kept as is.
5926348345797688952 VOD Transcoding
ng2.template///8903417899533541365 We set a limit on the request frequency received by the tracker
1765095834299337775 TWITTER
ng2.template///2470460396724373169 Allow instance admins to disable P2P from the administration interface
ng2.template///2847376451647729886 You are now logged in as <x id="PH" equiv-text="body.username"/>!
ng2.template///50dc7afa2305131cdbdb384cfc1f2a5f0f4647d8 Unban
ng2.template///910ed85f550272401b134a40d019ab3359fe883f Set Email as Verified
ng2.template///5991790391344625653 Ultimately, remember you can always disable P2P by toggling it in the video player, or just by disabling WebRTC in your browser.
3202133522706129143 Provide the Twitter account representing your instance to improve link previews. If you don't have a Twitter account, just leave the default value.
ng2.template///ac401df84c5fa471700c3368de51c969ccb8bacf You cannot ban root.
4087837092261487511 Your Twitter username
ng2.template///3857357852909495917 This instance does not have instances followers.
5648651824279408711 Instance allowed by Twitter
ng2.template///98119091712a8ca72905e3b4c1cf60649af7565e Do you really want to unban <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{num}}"/> users?
ng2.template///8438752523256358076 Show full list
ng2.template///6121be086a51c4c73bbdd8aebdddd9744c8f1ffd <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{num}}"/> users unbanned.
ng2.template///7128556172318221342 This instance is not following any other.
2076338542820061819 If your instance is explicitly allowed by Twitter, a video player will be embedded in the Twitter feed on PeerTube video share.<x id="LINE_BREAK" ctype="lb" equiv-text="&lt;br /&gt;"/> If the instance is not, we use an image link card that will redirect to your PeerTube instance.<x id="LINE_BREAK" ctype="lb" equiv-text="&lt;br /&gt;"/><x id="LINE_BREAK" ctype="lb" equiv-text="&lt;br /&gt;"/> Check this checkbox, save the configuration and test with a video URL of your instance ( on <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' href=''&gt;"/><x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt;"/> to see if you instance is allowed.
ng2.template///cf70037e436f2c5547cbdf1a02e1348c8642467a Instance <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{domain}}"/> muted by your instance.
ng2.template///911fc197949e47aa5f0541627bc319f59edd9d11 You cannot delete root.
493135676263039396 LIVE
ng2.template///602667807232759122 Showing <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="ageReportTemp"/> to <x id="INTERPOLATION_1" equiv-text="=&quot;Showing {{"/> of <x id="INTERPOLATION_2" equiv-text="rst}'}} to {{'{last}"/> muted accounts
ng2.template///4195286790385468087 About this instance
1429138002697017359 Enable users of your instance to stream live.
ng2.template///9de914fe915cc730efc57e81c987188a24d3ac51 If you remove these users, you will not be able to create others with the same username!
ng2.template///8773846522957677259 About PeerTube
8894612824234881672 ⚠️ Enabling live streaming requires trust in your users and extra moderation work
ng2.template///1812900507515561988 About this instance's network
ng2.template///37682f69f05be054bd72b44947af150734e302c3 Internal actions
ng2.template///b708d332e3f89b24745e749fa530210f0bdea329 <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{num}}"/> users deleted.
ng2.template///0db581a9122258b2897ad3e915e2d00d7f6d33f5 Delete report
ng2.template///f4a8f2ef1fbfc19e1e049e69f63c40063c0d0650 <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{num}}"/> users email set as verified.
ng2.template///642534594356440342 Feed
5205613575147327732 If enabled, your server needs to accept incoming TCP traffic on port <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ getLiveRTMPPort() }}"/>
ng2.template///892073694820881630 Link copied
ng2.template///5579867071769973287 Create an account
ng2.template///2667ca38672421a0a7a22343d2a0060ee41246de Account <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{nameWithHost}}"/> unmuted.
ng2.template///513acd6a54ffb7c9c494cfcac42a161aa12e69fe Add note
ng2.template///4807161697338135032 Contact the administrator(s)<x id="START_PARAGRAPH" ctype="x-p" equiv-text="&lt;p class=&quot;modal-subtitle&quot;&gt;"/><x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ instanceName }}"/><x id="CLOSE_PARAGRAPH" ctype="x-p" equiv-text="&lt;/p&gt;"/>
6421580347313273983 Allow your users to automatically publish a replay of their live
ng2.template///c6af80b42938d4a49e6f6c4f60ce26228916994c Instance <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{host}}"/> unmuted.
8583623894789865917 Allow your users to change live latency
ng2.template///9fb13da3d22d6216b8a5a9c63777c9c0c506c7eb Update note
ng2.template///3432004930068835151 Trending for the last 24 hours
ng2.template///80057baa3b97a4349304bdaa0a880e6f4778561f My videos history
ng2.template///6716379522893509803 Trending videos are those totalizing the greatest number of views during the last 24 hours
6422195560028891534 Small latency disables P2P and high latency can increase P2P ratio
5191164170233238999 Max simultaneous lives created on your instance
ng2.template///05f6dda1754741495451b8658bd2248856765d95 Videos history is enabled
6830777508073747241 {VAR_PLURAL, plural, =1 {live} other {lives}}
ng2.template///0e546f4a26ddb8a098fb5c8db211ab44d8f2966b Actions for the video
ng2.template///6bb9ade8637c5e35fb5cb36cf7dbec71c65d4013 Videos history is disabled
ng2.template///4331636419103456800 Done!
ng2.template///2494835943815843060 Videos that have the most likes.
ng2.template///220345070199640496 PeerTube is creating your account...
ng2.template///397098723873502323 Done
1834362188086938736 Max simultaneous lives created per user
ng2.template///8453a7a55b8b23bbbc293cd0939fb59a73307de8 Delete videos history
1521259619066122077 Max live duration
ng2.template///5340005218109333045 Filters <x id="START_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;span *ngIf=&quot;numberOfFilters() &gt; 0&quot; class=&quot;badge badge-secondary&quot;&gt;"/><x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ numberOfFilters() }}"/><x id="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;/span&gt;"/>
ng2.template///c93a80b6a7d903886843ac3719b34b1794de171f Unblacklist video
ng2.template///f8f86df8a1ae711944c3ab819bb19bf360dfa7a4 Are you sure you want to delete all your videos history?
ng2.template///7119544246688514254 Go to the previous step
5309195634424105927 Live transcoding threads
ng2.template///9382291d6ebed56e5ae95e020d6b91f39cff468a Video unblacklisted.
ng2.template///195d5ba6c8bd05762d9318d0afd0b094fd776164 Videos history deleted
ng2.template///4323994782717641395 Go to the next step
ng2.template///6294302495409052693 Who are we?
4240037618955024499 will claim at most <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ getTotalTranscodingThreads().value }}"/> <x id="INTERPOLATION_1" equiv-text="{{ getTotalTranscodingThreads().unit }}"/> with VOD transcoding
ng2.template///19e5e5956502d977d5dd28fe86cee763d5db2b77 Delete video
ng2.template///507192ee1fa84aefed02d603caada2d84927023e Ownership accepted
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