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ng2.template///4733690367258997247 just now
8546847443058492245 Block <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ videos.length }}"/> videos
ng2.template///2516633974298697807 Emphasis
6746743143272021955 Violent or repulsive
5272553814105457319 Contains offensive, violent, or coarse language or iconography.
ng2.template///7565716024468232322 Links
6979166468838302269 Hateful or abusive
ng2.template///7838476952710404110 New lines
ng2.template///8756167649220050929 Lists
8006612645824137458 Contains abusive, racist or sexist language or iconography.
ng2.template///8953934448427251062 The <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a routerLink=&quot;/about/peertube&quot; fragment=&quot;privacy&quot;&gt;"/>sharing system<x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt;"/> implies that some technical information about your system (such as a public IP address) can be sent to other peers, but greatly helps to reduce server load.
ng2.template///414887388288176527 Images
5413552012131573970 Spam, ad or false news
ng2.template///6853170548960328665 Close search
6374940465448453212 Contains marketing, spam, purposefully deceitful news, or otherwise misleading thumbnail/text/tags. Please provide reputable sources to report hoaxes.
ng2.template///2439066254855913806 Only I can see this video
7401289443263903223 Privacy breach or doxxing
ng2.template///6767380569816110388 Only shareable via a private link
8363008638081993167 Contains personal information that could be used to track, identify, contact or impersonate someone (e.g. name, address, phone number, email, or credit card details).
ng2.template///6828965264297239528 Anyone can see this video
380450014369168564 Infringes your copyright wrt. the regional laws with which the server must comply.
ng2.template///1425933035739773115 Only users of this instance can see this video
1378933246324202613 Breaks server rules
7930601470861156366 Anything not included in the above that breaks the terms of service, code of conduct, or general rules in place on the server.
ng2.template///8312101634344200207 <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.views"/> viewers
ng2.template///7756087706411154095 <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.views"/> views
8700771664729810984 The above can only be seen in thumbnails.
ng2.template///7390990800435887351 Account <x id="PH"/> unmuted.
2602773901491715295 Captions
ng2.template///855178133027341271 <x id="START_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;span *ngIf=&quot;!interact&quot;&gt;"/>Remote subscribe<x id="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;/span&gt;"/><x id="START_TAG_SPAN_1" ctype="x-span_1" equiv-text="&lt;span *ngIf=&quot;interact&quot;&gt;"/>Remote interact<x id="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;/span&gt;"/>
5779804235244672536 The above can only be seen in captions (please describe which).
ng2.template///8639315630141911544 Account <x id="PH"/> unmuted by your instance.
968295009933361070 Too many attempts, please try again after <x id="PH"/> minutes.
ng2.template///6549061957433635758 Process domains
4965472196059235310 Too many attempts, please try again later.
ng2.template///1909009883731319373 Report <x id="PH"/>
ng2.template///5065410539274460415 Account reported.
1693549688987384699 Server error. Please retry later.
5927402622550505067 Subscribed to all current channels of <x id="PH"/>. You will be notified of all their new videos.
ng2.template///6245265026120479954 Comment reported.
ng2.template///7246356397085094208 Instance <x id="PH"/> unmuted.
2780460651686172544 Subscribed to <x id="PH"/>. You will be notified of all their new videos.
ng2.template///8426539297729416784 {VAR_SELECT, select, undefined {Unsubscribe} other {Unsubscribe from all channels}}
7019115336138470191 Subscribed
ng2.template///3371601176452094961 Instance <x id="PH"/> unmuted by your instance.
7070823964189404459 Unsubscribed from all channels of <x id="PH"/>
ng2.template///3096398988891996621 Instance <x id="PH"/> muted by your instance.
ng2.template///5708680277917691451 <x id="PH"/> users banned.
9201562016527884133 Unsubscribed from <x id="PH"/>
516954136005961440 Unsubscribed
ng2.template///2448281151916042849 User <x id="PH"/> banned.
ng2.template///8269144351796756896 Do you really want to unban <x id="PH"/>?
1000724328916033777 Multiple ways to subscribe to the current channel
ng2.template///1794219875546376069 User <x id="PH"/> unbanned.
363499678348067004 Open subscription dropdown
ng2.template///9208009623124569456 If you remove user <x id="PH" equiv-text="user.username"/>, you won't be able to create another with the same username!
4968151111061046122 Moderator
ng2.template///6307826440781941134 Delete <x id="PH" equiv-text="user.username"/>
2279527393438260622 Search videos, playlists, channels…
ng2.template///6301381219225831298 User <x id="PH"/> deleted.
3723085768598852106 Video removed from <x id="PH"/>
ng2.template///5927402622550505067 Subscribed to all current channels of <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.account.displayName"/>. You will be notified of all their new videos.
1056145626640340519 Video added in <x id="PH"/> at timestamps <x id="PH_1"/>
ng2.template///3896582359861826661 User <x id="PH"/> email set as verified
7754186870520534716 Video added in <x id="PH"/>
ng2.template///2780460651686172544 Subscribed to <x id="PH" equiv-text="this.videoChannels[0].displayName"/>. You will be notified of all their new videos.
ng2.template///8150022485860412528 Account <x id="PH"/> muted.
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Needs plural form treatment (2 mhionaid, 3 mionaidean, ...)

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Needs plural form treatment (2 mhionaid, 3 mionaidean, ...)

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