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ng2.template///8723777130353305761 This name already exists on this instance.
ng2.template///6da9ddede61711ecfeaa94fc61a6b7bb844ab3df Trending for the last <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{days}}"/> days
7910076708497708162 Last login
3403978719736970622 You cannot ban root.
ng2.template///7589345916094713536 Video channel <x id="PH"/> updated.
ng2.template///caa0a70f34df9b60a71ed0ad6c82de7b07c0c509 Trending videos are those totalizing the greatest number of views during the last <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{days}}"/> days
ng2.template///8407755843502300957 Banner changed.
4884272193574287483 Do you really want to unban <x id="PH"/> users?
ng2.template///1b157e15c434469d91e56d027b78bf69c9983165 Videos from your subscriptions
ng2.template///689638706960732906 banner
8712248120167780385 <x id="PH"/> users unbanned.
6541082750381847310 Request is too large for the server. Please contact you administrator if you want to increase the limit size.
5325873477837320044 You cannot delete root.
ng2.template///3230561499965076671 Banner deleted.
ng2.template///3525866160632851851 Avatar changed.
4086135983283545219 If you remove these users, you will not be able to create others with the same username!
ng2.template///8920809083620698740 avatar
7166936623843420016 <x id="PH"/> users deleted.
ng2.template///5bad8678a5115610ba1bf56a35256a13e6b07a7b Mirror
ng2.template///2775050991871557896 Avatar deleted.
8360664597512051242 <x id="PH"/> users email set as verified.
7390990800435887351 Account <x id="PH"/> unmuted.
4b3972c3e9485218508a95f7a4ce7758e3f09ced Upload
ng2.template///624066830180032195 Video channel <x id="PH"/> deleted.
ng2.template///6450826648284332649 Views for the day
7246356397085094208 Instance <x id="PH"/> unmuted.
5551551295632950210 Videos history is enabled
ng2.template///7440637814928143808 My followers
ng2.template///2521678336272309407 No follower found.
9136227503281311926 Videos history is disabled
8966726118414892732 Delete videos history
ng2.template///5294742063044966238 Follower page
2482543433481435105 Are you sure you want to delete all your videos history?
0e2434e7d84145c4e8a930ccc4c26c3cb2887e0d My notifications
ng2.template///797409137967291468 Is following all your channels
ng2.template///7940720844854710428 Is following your channel <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ }}"/>
4051606152827088952 Videos history deleted
1486537403020619891 My watch history
ng2.template///1716062177529601456 Channel filters
3656932706364053858 Track watch history
ng2.template///6059091237492573541 Update video channel
25d438ce4c6d14835921c34bda6cc88f4fe5b1b4 Any other input will return matching video or channel names.
3183245287221165928 Ownership accepted
ng2.template///6595008830732269870 Not found
ng2.template///1009095940160473792 URL parameter is missing in URL parameters
6012072687166259654 Please check your emails to verify your new email.
ng2.template///7553172329217243895 Cannot access to the remote resource
6585766371605707311 Email updated.
8553059323353586765 Your current email is <x id="START_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;span class=&quot;email&quot;&gt;"/><x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ }}"/><x id="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;/span&gt;"/>. It is never shown to the public.
ng2.template///1636934520301910285 Reset password
ng2.template///3851357780293085233 Remote interaction
853586874765134886 You current password is invalid.
6159571046971090595 Password updated.
ng2.template///5551551295632950210 Videos history is enabled
ng2.template///9136227503281311926 Videos history is disabled
5179099584732142331 Are you sure you want to delete your account? This will delete all your data, including channels, videos and comments. Content cached by other servers and other third-parties might make longer to be deleted.
ng2.template///8966726118414892732 Delete videos history
6897292459203320054 Type your username to confirm
1904720062363293328 You need to enable at least 1 video language.
3122895472333547524 Delete your account
ng2.template///2482543433481435105 Are you sure you want to delete all your videos history?
2520605306994744004 Delete my account
ng2.template///4051606152827088952 Videos history deleted
3902597758945766483 Your account is deleted.
ng2.template///1486537403020619891 My watch history
ng2.template///3656932706364053858 Track watch history
4776289814033837037 Interface settings updated.
77907918814566205 New video from your subscriptions
ng2.template///3183245287221165928 Ownership accepted
4343589211916204486 New comment on your video
ng2.template///6012072687166259654 Please check your emails to verify your new email.
ng2.template///be448863f4919e200bdbc65ca95cb7bf208a30e7 The deletion will be sent to remote instances so they can reflect the change.
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