Key English Bengali
ng2.template///3171683206914962995 Admin email
ng2.template///4722881456283329321 Enable contact form
ng2.template///1765095834299337775 TWITTER টুইটার
ng2.template///3202133522706129143 Provide the Twitter account representing your instance to improve link previews. If you don't have a Twitter account, just leave the default value.
ng2.template///4087837092261487511 Your Twitter username
ng2.template///5648651824279408711 Instance allowed by Twitter
ng2.template///8042372696350741398 If your instance is explicitly allowed by Twitter, a video player will be embedded in the Twitter feed on PeerTube video share.<x id="LINE_BREAK" ctype="lb" equiv-text="&lt;br /&gt; "/> If the instance is not, we use an image link card that will redirect to your PeerTube instance.<x id="LINE_BREAK" ctype="lb" equiv-text="&lt;br /&gt; "/><x id="LINE_BREAK" ctype="lb" equiv-text="&lt;br /&gt; "/> Check this checkbox, save the configuration and test with a video URL of your instance ( on <x id="START_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;a target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' href=''&gt;"/><x id="CLOSE_LINK" ctype="x-a" equiv-text="&lt;/a&gt; "/> to see if you instance is allowed.
ng2.template///3203902538239082422 You enabled signup: we automatically enabled the "Block new videos automatically" checkbox of the "Videos" section just below.
ng2.template///1035838766454786107 Audio-only শুধু শব্দ
ng2.template///8011855989482474311 A &lt;code&gt;.mp4&lt;/code&gt; that keeps the original audio track, with no video
ng2.template///3768852440495368591 240p ২৪০পি
ng2.template///6824490596490222280 360p ৩৬০পি
ng2.template///4039682741786530029 480p ৪৮০পি
ng2.template///5165245100010036661 720p ৭২০পি
ng2.template///7709767791012306261 1080p ১০৮০পি
ng2.template///3671005503070777897 1440p ১৪৪০পি
ng2.template///597839553814574067 2160p ২১৬০পি
ng2.template///1618463615802675111 threads
ng2.template///593234948551881507 thread
ng2.template///3070ae34708ac4b19ac0a2fdc2c0b82871754c7a Instance information
ng2.template///50247a2f9711ea9e9a85aacc46668131e9b424a5 Basic configuration
ng2.template///5926348345797688952 VOD Transcoding
ng2.template///5975271795105968425 Live streaming
ng2.template///6c44844ebdb7352c433b7734feaa65f01bb594ab Advanced configuration
ng2.template///8167543029214637769 There are errors in the form: <x id="START_UNORDERED_LIST" ctype="x-ul" equiv-text="&lt;ul&gt;"/><x id="START_LIST_ITEM" ctype="x-li" equiv-text="&lt;li *ngFor=&quot;let error of grabAllErrors()&quot;&gt;"/> <x id="INTERPOLATION" equiv-text="{{ error }}"/> <x id="CLOSE_LIST_ITEM" ctype="x-li" equiv-text="&lt;/li&gt;"/><x id="CLOSE_UNORDERED_LIST" ctype="x-ul" equiv-text="&lt;/ul&gt;"/>
ng2.template///283725429207896837 You cannot allow live replay if you don't enable transcoding.
ng2.template///1445676851449000175 Update configuration
ng2.template///2060042292048624940 Configuration updated.
ng2.template///7396175500300709096 INSTANCE
ng2.template///8953033926734869941 Name


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