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ng2.template///7915656854942800659 Name should be lowercase alphanumeric; dots and underscores are allowed.
ng2.template///6880459830525364741 Support text must be at least 3 characters long.
ng2.template///6461548560008228165 Support text cannot be more than 1000 characters long
ng2.template///4267638333776227701 Comment is required.
ng2.template///71132671234491945 Comment must be at least 2 characters long.
ng2.template///4148250392704331190 Comment cannot be more than 3000 characters long.
ng2.template///6700357678556223012 The channel is required.
ng2.template///7365924714339585574 The username is required.
ng2.template///3954099618513992825 You can only transfer ownership to a local account
ng2.template///6854100952145697527 Display name cannot be more than 120 characters long.
ng2.template///6198895122092095739 Privacy is required.
ng2.template///1276238402004616037 The channel is required when the playlist is public.
ng2.template///5437132245714159662 Video name is required.
ng2.template///2807676084745266104 Video name must be at least 3 characters long.
ng2.template///2155414141025589556 Video name cannot be more than 120 characters long.
ng2.template///1074634769552897790 Video name has leading or trailing whitespace.
ng2.template///9115337161597088460 Video privacy is required.
ng2.template///7309902991450450996 Video channel is required.
ng2.template///3959376623771116873 Video description must be at least 3 characters long.
ng2.template///725195891739570830 Video description cannot be more than 10000 characters long.
ng2.template///142488285332434408 A tag should be more than 2 characters long.
ng2.template///691846635236293620 A tag should be less than 30 characters long.
ng2.template///4146790476782316573 A maximum of 5 tags can be used on a video.
ng2.template///2389667090302909529 A tag should be more than 1 and less than 30 characters long.
ng2.template///4806300480558315727 Video support must be at least 3 characters long.
ng2.template///6655773021893755977 Video support cannot be more than 1000 characters long.
ng2.template///4246579596585402255 A date is required to schedule video update.
ng2.template///730589419287534524 Reporter
ng2.template///6540177673229220400 {VAR_PLURAL, plural, =1 {1 report} other {<x id="INTERPOLATION"/> reports}}
ng2.template///1258618443362430782 <x id="ICU" equiv-text="{abuse.countReportsForReporter, plural, =1 {1 report} other {{{ abuse.countReportsForReporter }} reports}}"/><x id="START_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;span class=&quot;ml-1 glyphicon glyphicon-flag&quot;&gt;"/><x id="CLOSE_TAG_SPAN" ctype="x-span" equiv-text="&lt;/span&gt;"/>
ng2.template///3109314382334906782 Reportee


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