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00:00:02.280-->00:00:04.780 PEERTUBE's backstage
00:00:05.846-->00:00:06.860 FRAMASOFT DECENTRALIZES
00:00:06.885-->00:00:08.067 FRAMASOFT PRESENTS
00:00:15.273-->00:00:19.340 Behind PEERTUBE, there's
the "De-google-ify Internet" project.
00:00:22.173-->00:00:23.665 Among PEERTUBE workers
00:00:23.760-->00:00:25.548 there's Chocobozzz,
00:00:25.585-->00:00:27.618 PEERTUBE is Chocobozzz's baby
00:00:27.685-->00:00:30.126 who developed it for 2 years.
00:00:30.152-->00:00:33.026 Many people contribute to PEERTUBE:
00:00:33.452-->00:00:35.135 Marie-Cécile Godwin
00:00:35.202-->00:00:37.056 works a lot
00:00:37.115-->00:00:38.523 on user experience design
00:00:38.557-->00:00:40.515 to understand
00:00:40.607-->00:00:43.123 how the systems work
00:00:43.165-->00:00:44.815 and how they influence people.
00:00:44.891-->00:00:46.724 That's what she brings to PEERTUBE.
00:00:46.778-->00:00:49.197 One of PEERTUBE's code contributors,
00:00:49.520-->00:00:50.884 Rigelk,
00:00:51.664-->00:00:54.071 quickly got excited about this project
00:00:54.104-->00:00:56.090 and started
00:00:56.124-->00:00:59.211 to showcase it during conferences
00:00:59.380-->00:01:01.117 and then to code.
00:01:01.228-->00:01:02.883 That's how we met
00:01:02.908-->00:01:05.789 and one thing leading to another,
he became a Framasoft member.
00:01:05.856-->00:01:09.723 David Revoy illustrated a lot
00:01:10.050-->00:01:11.250 for PEERTUBE
00:01:11.477-->00:01:14.470 and also created PEERTUBE's mascot,


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