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One week
One month
Error while changing require confirmation setting
Error while changing delay purge setting
Error while changing delay purge hours setting
Delete my account
Deleting your account will delete all your files and data from the apps you use, such as calendar and contacts.
Account marked for deletion
Your account has been disabled and the data will be removed shortly.
You are going to be redirected to the login page in a few seconds…
Email confirmation required
Please click the link into the email we've just sent you to finish deleting your account.
This action is irreversible!
After confirming the deletion of your account, you will be redirected to the login page.
You are the only user of this instance, you can't delete your account.
You are the only admin of this instance, you can't delete your account.
An email confirmation is required by your admin to delete your account. Please fill your email in your personal settings first.
Do you really wish to delete your account?
We will send you an email to confirm this action.
Check this to confirm the deletion request
Deleting your data…
Error while deleting the account
This action will be reversible by an administrator for {nbDays} day after you request deletion.
Your account has been marked for deletion. You can now close this window.
Account not found.
The token provided was not found.
Make sure the link opened is valid or that you are logged-in with the correct user.
Back to %s
Unknown error.


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