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Someone - probably you - asked to delete their account on %s.
To confirm the account deletion, you may click on the button below.
If you didn't request this email, you should contact your administrator as soon as possible, someone may be accessing your account without your knowledge.
Delete account
Your account on %s has been disabled
Your account on %s has been deleted
Account deletion on %s scheduled
Account on %s deleted
Your data will be permanently deleted in %d hour.
Your data will be permanently deleted in %d day, on %s.
You can cancel your account deletion by contacting an administrator before the %s.
We confirm all your personal data on %s was permanently deleted.
Thanks for using our service.
Your account on %s has been reactivated
Access to your account %1$s has been restored
An administrator re-enabled your account on %s before it was destroyed.
Your account is available again, none of your data was removed. You may now login again.
User account deletion
An app to allow users to delete their accounts.
# Description

This app allows users to delete their accounts by removing all their data.

It can also send activities to the admins about deleted accounts.
Account deletion
Allows users to delete themselves their own account.
Email confirmation
Require confirmation by email
Will require users to click a confirmation link sent by email to confirm their action.
Data purge
Users are not removed right away but disabled until a background job removed their data for good. In the meanwhile, admins can "save" users by enabling them back.
Purge user data as soon as possible.


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