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{moderator} has unsuspended profile {profile} {moderator} has unsuspended profile {profile} {moderator} heeft profiel {profile} onderbroken
{moderator} marked {report} as resolved {moderator} marked {report} as resolved {moderator} markeerde {report} als opgelost
{moderator} reopened {report} {moderator} reopened {report} {moderator} heropende {report}
{moderator} suspended group {profile} {moderator} suspended group {profile}
{moderator} suspended profile {profile} {moderator} suspended profile {profile} {moderator} onderbrak profiel {profile}
more than 1360 contributors more than 1360 contributors Meer dan 1360 contributeurs
Move Move Verplaatsen
Move "{resourceName}" Move "{resourceName}" Verplaats "{resourceName}"
Move resource to {folder} Move resource to {folder} Verplaats hulpbron naar {folder}
Move resource to the root folder Move resource to the root folder
My account My account Mijn account
My events My events Mijn evenementen
My groups My groups Mijn groepen
My identities My identities Mijn identiteiten
Name Name Naam
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{nb} km {nb} km {nb} km
New discussion New discussion Nieuwe discussie
New email New email Nieuwe e-mail
New folder New folder Nieuwe map
New link New link Nieuwe link
New members New members
New note New note Nieuwe notitie
New password New password Nieuw wachtwoord
New post New post
New profile New profile
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