Resent confirmation email
Key English Dutch Actions
Reported by {reporter} Reported by {reporter} Gemeld door {reporter}
Reported by someone on {domain} Reported by someone on {domain} Gepost door iemand op {domain}
Reported group Reported group Gerapporteerde groep
Reported identity Reported identity Gemelde identiteit
report #{report_number} report #{report_number} Rapport #{report_number}
Report #{reportNumber} Report #{reportNumber} Rapport #{reportNumber}
Reports Reports Rapporten
Reports list Reports list
Report status Report status
Report this comment Report this comment Opmerking rapporteren
Report this event Report this event Meld dit evenement
Report this group Report this group Rapporteer deze groep
Report this post Report this post
Request for participation confirmation sent Request for participation confirmation sent Deelname verzoek bevestiging verstuurd
Resend confirmation email Resend confirmation email Bevestigingsemail opnieuw versturen
Resent confirmation email Resent confirmation email
Reset Reset
Reset filters Reset filters
Reset my password Reset my password Mijn wachtwoord opnieuw instellen
Reset password Reset password
Resolved Resolved Opgelost
Resource provided is not an URL Resource provided is not an URL De hulpbron is geen URL
Resources Resources Hulpbronnen
Restricted Restricted Niet toegestaan
return to the event's page return to the event's page terug naar de pagina van het evenement
Return to the group page Return to the group page Ga terug naar de groepspagina
return to the homepage return to the homepage
Right now Right now Direct
Role Role Rol
RSS/Atom Feed RSS/Atom Feed RSS-/Atomfeed
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Resent confirmation email
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