Key English Indonesian Actions
{approved} / {total} seats {approved} / {total} seats
{count} participants No participants yet | One participant | {count} participants Belum ada peserta | Satu peserta | {count} peserta
{count} requests waiting {count} requests waiting {count} permintaan menunggu
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@{username} ({role}) @{username} ({role}) @{username} ({role})
@{group} @{group} @{group}
{title} ({count} todos) {title} ({count} todos)
My groups My groups Kelompok-kelompok saya
Assigned to Assigned to
Due on Due on
Organizers Organizers Penyelenggara-penyelenggara
(Masked) (Masked)
{available}/{capacity} available places No places left|{available}/{capacity} available places
No one is participating|One person participating|{going} people participating No one is participating|One person participating|{going} people participating Tidak ada yang ikut serta|Satu orang ikut serta|{going} orang ikut serta
Date and time Date and time Tanggal dan waktu
Location Location Lokasi
No resources selected No resources selected|One resources selected|{count} resources selected
You have been invited by {invitedBy} to the following group: You have been invited by {invitedBy} to the following group: Anda telah diundang oleh {invitedBy} ke kelompok berikut:
Accept Accept Terima
Decline Decline Tolak
Rename Rename Ubah nama
Move Move Pindahkan
Contact Contact Hubungi
Website Website Situs Web
Actor Actor
Text Text Teks
Upcoming events Upcoming events Acara-acara yang akan datang
Resources Resources
Public page Public page
Discussions Discussions Diskusi
No public upcoming events No public upcoming events
Component Translation Difference to current string
This translation Propagated Translated Mobilizon/Frontend
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Empty Mobilizon/Search Index
Translated Mobilizon/Backend


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