Key English Indonesian
Confirm participation Confirm participation Konfirmasi keikutsertaan
Confirm user Confirm user Konfirmasi pengguna
Congratulations, your account is now created! Congratulations, your account is now created! Selamat, akun Anda sudah dibuat!
Contact Contact Hubungi
contact uninformed contact uninformed
Continue editing Continue editing Lanjutkan menyunting
Cookies and Local storage Cookies and Local storage
Copy details to clipboard Copy details to clipboard Salin keterangan ke papan klip
Copy URL to clipboard Copy URL to clipboard Salin URL ke papan klip
{count} km {count} km {count} km
{count} members No members|One member|{count} members Tidak ada anggota|Satu anggota|{count} anggota
{count} members or followers No members or followers|One member or follower|{count} members or followers
{count} participants No participants yet | One participant | {count} participants Belum ada peserta | Satu peserta | {count} peserta
{count} requests waiting {count} requests waiting {count} permintaan menunggu
Country Country Negara
Create Create Buat
Create a calc Create a calc
Create a discussion Create a discussion Buat sebuah diskusi
Create a folder Create a folder
create a group create a group buat kelompok
Create an account Create an account Buat sebuah akun
create an event create an event membuat sebuah acara
+ Create an event + Create an event + Buat sebuah acara
Create a new event Create a new event Buat acara baru
Create a new group Create a new group Buat kelompok baru
Create a new identity Create a new identity Buat identitas baru
Create a new list Create a new list
Create a new profile Create a new profile Buat profil baru
Create a pad Create a pad
+ Create a post + Create a post + Buat sebuah postingan


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