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Post a comment Post a comment Lähetä kommentti
Postal Code Postal Code Postinumero
Post a reply Post a reply Lähetä vastaus
Post body Post body
Post {eventTitle} reported Post {eventTitle} reported
Posts Posts Julkaisut
Post URL Post URL
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Privacy policy Privacy policy Tietosuojakäytäntö
Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Tietosuojakäytäntö
Private event Private event Yksityistapahtuma
Private feeds Private feeds Yksityissyötteet
Profile Profile Profiili
{profile} added the member {member}. {profile} added the member {member}. {profile} lisäsi käyttäjän {member}.
{profile} approved {member}'s membership. {profile} approved {member}'s membership.
{profile} archived the discussion {discussion}. {profile} archived the discussion {discussion}. {profile} arkistoi keskustelun {discussion}.
{profile} (by default) {profile} (by default) {profile} (oletuksena)
{profile} created the discussion {discussion}. {profile} created the discussion {discussion}. {profile} loi keskustelun {discussion}.
{profile} created the folder {resource}. {profile} created the folder {resource}. {profile} loi kansion {resource}.
{profile} created the group {group}. {profile} created the group {group}. {profile} loi ryhmän {group}.
{profile} created the resource {resource}. {profile} created the resource {resource}. {profile} loi resurssin {resource}.
{profile} deleted the discussion {discussion}. {profile} deleted the discussion {discussion}. {profile} poisti keskustelun {discussion}.


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