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Key English German Actions
[This comment has been deleted] [This comment has been deleted] [Ihr Kommentar wurde gelöscht]
[deleted] [deleted] [gelöscht]
as {identity} as {identity} als {identity}
default Mobilizon terms default Mobilizon terms Standard-Nutzungsbedingungen von Mobilizon
e.g. 10 Rue Jangot e.g. 10 Rue Jangot z .B. Musterstraße 21
iCal Feed iCal Feed iCal-Feed
profile@instance profile@instance profil@instanz
with another identity… with another identity… mit einer anderen Identität.…
{approved} / {total} seats {approved} / {total} seats {approved} / {total} Plätze
{count} participants No participants yet | One participant | {count} participants Noch keine Teilnehmer | Ein Teilnehmer | {count} Teilnehmer
{count} requests waiting {count} requests waiting {count} Anfragen ausstehend
© The OpenStreetMap Contributors © The OpenStreetMap Contributors © OpenStreetMap-Mitwirkende
@{username} ({role}) @{username} ({role}) @{username} ({role})
@{group} @{group} @{group}
{title} ({count} todos) {title} ({count} todos) {title} ({count} To-dos)
My groups My groups Meine Gruppen
Assigned to Assigned to Zugewiesen an
Due on Due on Fällig am
Organizers Organizers Organisator
(Masked) (Masked) (Versteckt)
{available}/{capacity} available places No places left|{available}/{capacity} available places Keine freien Plätze|{available}/{capacity} freie Plätze
No one is participating|One person participating|{going} people participating No one is participating|One person participating|{going} people participating Niemand nimmt teil|Eine Person nimmt teilt|{going} nehmen teil
Date and time Date and time Datum und Uhrzeit
Location Location Ort
No resources selected No resources selected|One resources selected|{count} resources selected Keine Ressourcen ausgewählt|Eine Ressource ausgewählt|{count} Ressourcen ausgewählt
You have been invited by {invitedBy} to the following group: You have been invited by {invitedBy} to the following group: Sie wurden von {invitedBy} zu dieser Gruppe eingeladen:
Accept Accept Akzeptieren
Decline Decline Ablehnen
Rename Rename Umbenennen
Move Move Verschieben
Contact Contact Kontakt
Key English German Actions
{moderator} has deleted user {user} {moderator} has deleted user {user} {moderator} hat den Nutzer {user} gelöscht
{moderator} has done an unknown action {moderator} has done an unknown action {moderator} hat eine unbekannte Handlung vorgenommen
{moderator} has unsuspended group {profile} {moderator} has unsuspended group {profile} {moderator} hat die Sperrung der Gruppe {profile} aufgehoben
{moderator} has unsuspended profile {profile} {moderator} has unsuspended profile {profile} {moderator} hat das Profil {profil} gesperrt
{moderator} marked {report} as resolved {moderator} marked {report} as resolved {moderator} hat {report} als erledigt markiert
{moderator} reopened {report} {moderator} reopened {report} {moderator} hat {report} wieder geöffnet
{moderator} suspended group {profile} {moderator} suspended group {profile} {moderator} hat die Gruppe {profile} gesperrt
{moderator} suspended profile {profile} {moderator} suspended profile {profile} {moderator} hat das Profil {profile} gesperrt
more than 1360 contributors more than 1360 contributors mehr als 1360 Spender:innen
Move Move Verschieben
Move "{resourceName}" Move "{resourceName}" „{resourceName}“ verschieben
Move resource to {folder} Move resource to {folder} Verschiebe Ressource nach {folder}
Move resource to the root folder Move resource to the root folder Verschiebe Ressource in das root Verzeichnis
My account My account Mein Konto
My events My events Meine Veranstaltungen
My groups My groups Meine Gruppen
My identities My identities Meine Identitäten
Name Name Name
Navigated to {pageTitle} Navigated to {pageTitle} Zu {pageTitle} navigiert
{nb} km {nb} km {nb} km
New discussion New discussion Neue Diskussion
New email New email Neue E-Mail
New folder New folder Neuer Ordner
New link New link Neuer Link
New members New members Neue Mitglieder
New note New note Neue Notiz
New password New password Neues Passwort
New post New post Neuer Beitrag
New profile New profile Neues Profil
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