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As this group was located on this instance, all of it's data has been irretrievably deleted. Com que aquest grup estava ubicat en aquesta instància, totes les seves dades han estat esborrades irreversiblement.
The group %{group} has been suspended on %{instance}! El grup %{group} ha estat suspès a %{instance}!
Your instance's moderation team has decided to suspend %{group_name} (%{group_address}). You are no longer a member of this group. L'equip de moderació de la teva instància ha decidit suspendre el grup %{group_name} (%{group_address}). Ja no formes part del grup.
The group %{group} has been suspended on %{instance} El grup %{group} ha estat suspès a %{instance}
terms By accessing or using the Service, this means you agree to be bound by all the terms below. If these terms are in any way unclear, please let us know by contacting %{contact}. Accedint o usant el Servei, confirmes implícitament que et compromets a les condicions següents. Si les condicions no et resulten clares, contacta a %{contact}.
terms For information about how we collect and use information about users of the Service, please check our <a href="/privacy">privacy policy</a>. Pots obtenir més informació sobre com recollim i usem informació de les persones usuàries del servei a <a href="/privacy">la nostra política de privacitat</a>.
terms If you continue to use the Service after the revised Terms go into effect, you accept the revised Terms. Continuar fent servir el Servei després que les Condicions revisades hagin entrat en vigor, implica l'acceptació d'aquestes noves Condicions.
terms If you delete this information, you need to login again. Si esborres aquesta informació hauràs de tornar a iniciar sessió.
terms If you're not connected, we don't store any information on your device, unless you participate in an event anonymously. In this specific case we store the hash of an unique identifier for the event and participation status in your browser so that we may display participation status. Deleting this information will only stop displaying participation status in your browser. Si no estat connectat, no emmagatzemem cap informació en el teu dispositiu, tret que participis anònimament en una activitat. En aquest cas específic, desem el resum (hash) d'un identificador únic de l'activitat i el teu estat d'assistència en el navegador, de manera que ho puguem mostrar sense que tinguis cap sessió oberta. L'única conseqüència d'esborrar aquesta informació és que deixarem de mostrar el teu estat d'assistència en el teu navegador.
terms Note: This information is stored in your localStorage and not your cookies. Nota: Aquesta informació es desa en l'emmagatzematge local (local storage) i no en les cookies.
terms Our responsibility La nostra responsabilitat
terms Retain server logs containing the IP address of all requests to this server, insofar as such logs are kept, no more than 90 days. Retenir registres del sistema que continguin l'adreça IP de totes les peticions en aquest servidor, si és que se'n desen, no més de 90 dies.
terms Some terms, technical or otherwise, used in the text below may cover concepts that are difficult to grasp. We have provided <a href="/glossary">a glossary</a> to help you understand them better. Algunes condicions que apareixen seguidament, siguin tècniques o d'altra mena, cobreixen conceptes que poden ser difícils d'entendre. Proporcionem un <a href="/glossary">glossari</a> per ajudar-te a entendre-les millor.
terms We are not liable for any loss you may incur as a result of someone else using your email or password, either with or without your knowledge. No som responsables de qualsevol pèrdua que pateixis com a resultat que algú altre faci servir el teu correu o contrasenya, amb el teu coneixement o sense.
terms We cannot be held responsible should a programming or administrative error make your content visible to a larger audience than intended. Aside from our limited right to your content, you retain all of your rights to the content you post, link and otherwise make available on or through the Service. No podem responsabilitzar-nos d'errors de programació o administratius que facin visible el teu contingut a una audència més gran que la desitjada. A part dels limitats drets que tenim sobre el teu contingut, conserves tots els drets del contingut que publiquis, enllacis i que facis disponible de qualsevol altra manera a traves del Servei.
terms We collect information from you when you register on this instance and gather data when you participate in the platform by reading, writing, and interacting with content shared here. If you register on this instance, you will be asked to enter <b>an email address, a password</b> (hashed) and at least <b>an username</b>. Your email address will be verified by an email containing a unique link. Once the link is activated, we know you control that email address. You may also enter additional profile information such as <b>a display name and biography, and upload a profile picture and header image</b>. The username, display name, biography, profile picture and header image <b>are always listed publicly</b>. <b>You may however visit this instance without registering</b>.
terms We reserve the right to modify these Terms at any time. For instance, we may need to change these Terms if we come out with a new feature.
terms When we say “we”, “our”, or “us” in this document, we are referring to the owners, operators and administrators of this Mobilizon instance. The Mobilizon software is provided by the team of Mobilizon contributors, supported by <a href="">Framasoft</a>, a French not-for-profit organization advocating for Free/Libre Software. Unless explicitly stated, this Mobilizon instance is an independent service using Mobilizon's source code. You may find more information about this instance on the <a href="/about/instance">"About this instance"</a> page.
terms When you create an account you agree to maintain the security and confidentiality of your password and accept all risks of unauthorized access to your account data and any other information you provide to <b>%{instance_name}</b>.
terms When you post, link or otherwise make available content to the Service, you grant us the right and license to display and distribute your content on or through the Service (including via applications). We may format your content for display throughout the Service, but we will not edit or revise the substance of your content itself. The displaying and distribution of your content happens only according to the visibility rules you have set for the content. We will not modify the visibility of the content you have set.
terms Your <b>events</b> and <b>comments</b> are delivered to other instances that follow your own, meaning they are delivered to different instances and copies are stored there. When you delete events or comments, this is likewise delivered to these other instances. All interactions related to event features - such as joining an event - or group features - such as managing resources - are federated as well. Please keep in mind that the operators of the instance and any receiving instances may view such messages and information, and that recipients may screenshot, copy or otherwise re-share them.
terms Your content may be downloaded by other instances in the network. Your public events and comments are delivered to the instances following your own instance. Content created through a group is forwarded to all the instances of all the members of the group, insofar as these members reside on a different instance than this one.
You have confirmed your participation. Update your calendar, because you're on the guest list now!
You recently requested to attend <b>%{title}</b>. Has soŀlicitat participar a l'activitat %{title}.
Your participation to event %{title} has been confirmed T'han aprovat la participació a %{title}
<b>%{reporter}</b> reported the following content. %{reporter_name} (%{reporter_username}) ha denunciat aquest contingut.
Group %{group} was reported S'ha denunciat el grup %{group}
Group reported Grup denunciat
Profile %{profile} was reported S'ha denunciat el perfil %{profile}
Profile reported Perfil denunciat
You have now confirmed your participation. Update your calendar, because you're on the guest list now! Has confirmat la teva participació. Actualitza't l'agenda, perquè estàs a la llista de convidades!


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