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If you wish to cancel your attendance, visit the event page through the link above and click the « Attending » button.
Learn more about Mobilizon here! تعلّم المزيد عن Mobilizon.
Location address was removed
Manage pending requests
Nearly there!
New email confirmation
Reasons for report
Someone on <b>%{instance}</b> reported the following content for you to analyze:
Sorry! You're not going.
There have been changes for %{title} so we'd thought we'd let you know.
This event has been cancelled by its organizers. Sorry!
This event has been confirmed تم تأكيد الفعالية
This event has yet to be confirmed: organizers will let you know if they do confirm it.
Unfortunately, the organizers rejected your request. لسوء الحظ ، لقد رفض المُنظّمون طلب مشاركتك.
Verify your email address
View report إعرض التقرير
View report: إعرض التقرير
Visit event page
Visit the updated event page
Visit the updated event page: %{link}
What's up today?
Would you wish to update or cancel your attendance, simply access the event page through the link above and click on the Attending button.
You are receiving this email because you chose to get notifications for pending attendance requests to your events. You can disable or change your notification settings in your user account settings under « Notifications ».
You issued a request to attend %{title}.
You recently requested to attend %{title}. لقد قمتَ بتقديم طلب للمشاركة في فعالية %{title}.
You're going!
If you didn't trigger the change yourself, please ignore this message.
<b>Please do not use it for real purposes.</b>
If you feel this is an error, you may contact the group's administrators so that they can add you back.


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