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Unable to fetch resource details from this URL. Resurssin tietoja ei voida hakea tästä URL-osoitteesta.
Provided profile doesn't have moderator permissions on this event Annetulla moderaattoriprofiililla ei ole oikeuksia tähän tapahtumaan
Organizer profile doesn't have permission to create an event on behalf of this group
This profile doesn't have permission to update an event on behalf of this group
Your e-mail has been denied registration or uses a disallowed e-mail provider
Comment not found Tapahtumaa ei löydy
Error while creating a discussion Virhe raporttia tallennettaessa
Error while updating locale Virhe raporttia päivitettäessä
Error while uploading pictures Virhe raporttia päivitettäessä
Failed to leave the event
Failed to update the group
Failed to update user email
Failed to validate user email Käyttäjää ei voi vahvistaa
The anonymous actor ID is invalid
Unknown error while updating resource
You are not the comment creator
You cannot change your password.
Format not supported
A dependency needed to export to %{format} is not installed
An error occured while saving export
Export to format %{format} is not enabled on this instance
Only admins can create groups
Only groups can create events
Unknown error while creating event
User cannot change email
Follow does not match your account
Follow not found
Profile with username %{username} not found Käyttäjänimellä %{username} ei löydy henkilöä
This profile does not belong to you
You are already following this group
You need to be logged-in to follow a group Voit liittyä ryhmään vain sisäänkirjautuneena


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