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Upload an audio file and an image and let PeerTube take care of creating the video! 上傳音訊檔案和照片,讓 PeerTube 負責建立影片!
Upload and import videos 上傳和匯入影片
Upload or import videos from the web (Youtube, Dailymotion...) or from a torrent file 從網路上(Youtube、Dailymotion⋯⋯)抑用種子檔案上傳或匯入影片
Use external auth (LDAP, OpenID Connect...) using auth plugins 使用驗證外掛程式來進行外部驗證(LDAP、OpenID Connect⋯⋯)
Use many advanced filters (tags, category, licence...) 使用各種進階過濾器(標籤、類別、授權⋯⋯)
Use the built-in <em>Watch Later</em> playlist and add easily videos in it 使用內建的<em>稍後觀看</em>播放清單,並自在地把影片新增進去
Use the PeerTube player embed on your website 使用嵌入到您網站上的 PeerTube 播放器
Use the video URL, playlist URL or channel handle/URL to fetch remote content 使用影片 URL、播放清單 URL 或頻道代號/URL 來擷取遠端內容
Users can delete their account 使用者可以刪除自己的帳號
Vehicles 交通工具
Video imports 匯入影片
Video maker 影片創作者
Video publication after moderation 發布影片需先調解
Video space 影片空間
Video transcoding 影片轉碼
Video transcoding: we may implement <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">transcoding by remote workers</a> in the future 影片轉碼:我們也許能在未來執行<a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">由遠端工作者來轉碼</a>
Videos 影片
Videos hosted on a PeerTube platform 在 PeerTube 平臺上託管的影片
View, share and update <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">PeerTube code</a> 檢視、分享和更新 <a target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer" href="">PeerTube 程式碼</a>
Viewer 觀眾
Views are buffered, so don't panic if the view counter stays the same after you watched a video. 每次點閱都會這樣緩衝,所以請不要因為您觀看影片後點閱計數器沒有變化而感到驚慌。
Vote for your favorite ideas or communicate your own suggestions, report a problem... 為您最喜歡的點子投票或交流自己的建議、回報問題⋯⋯
Watch the playlist on %{host} 在 %{host} 上觀看播放清單
Watch the video 觀看影片
Watch the video on %{host} 在 %{host} 上觀看影片
We <strong>try</strong> to keep compatibility with the latest minor version (2.3.1 with 2.2 for example). 我們<strong>儘量</strong>會讓最新的次要版本(例如 2.3.1 能與 2.2)保持著相容性。
We become an actor of the video broadcasting; 我們能參與影片的廣播;
We can answer with certainty: no! 我們可以肯定地回答:不!
We can display videos and accounts of other PeerTube websites; 我們可以顯示其他 PeerTube 網站的影片和帳號;
We can look under the hood of PeerTube (its source code): it's auditable, transparent; 我們可以看看 PeerTube 的葫蘆裡面有甚麼(它的原始碼):它是可稽核的、坦然的;
We did not go any further, as we refuse to tie our code to a particular content funding method, that might not fit all communities and deter others. 我們不打算再進一步,因為我們絕不讓我們的程式碼聯繫至特定的內容供資手段,這可能不適合所有社群,而且可能會阻礙某些人。


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