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With PeerTube, you get to choose your hosting provider according to their terms of use, such as their disk space limit per user, their moderation policy, who they chose to federate with... You are not speaking with a huge tech company, so you can talk it out in case of any issue, need, desire...
Browse/discover PeerTube instances 瀏覽/探索 PeerTube 實例
About peer-to-peer broadcasting and watching 關於 P2P 廣播和觀賞
The PeerTube software can, whenever necessary, use a peer-to-peer protocol (P2P) to broadcast viral videos, <strong>lowering the load of their hosts.</strong>
In this way, when you watch a video, your computer contributes to its broadcast. If a lot of people are watching the same video at the same time, their browser automatically send smalls pieces of the video to the other viewers. <strong>The server resources are not over-exploited</strong>: the stream is split, the network optimized.
It might not look like it, but thanks to peer-to-peer broadcasting, popular video makers and their videos are no longer forced to be hosted by big companies, whose infrastructure can stand thousands of views at the same time... or to pay for a robust but extremely expensive independent video host.
Your move!
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Enjoy every feature: history, subscriptions, playlists, notifications... 享受所有的功能:歷史紀錄、訂閱、播放清單、提示……
Who is behind 誰支撐了
Peertube is a <strong>free/libre software funded by a French non-profit organization</strong>: Framasoft
Our organization started in 2004, and now devotes itself <strong>to popular education about digital technology issues.</strong> We are a small structure of less than 40 members and under 10 employees, well-known for the De-google-ify Internet project, when we offered 34 ethical and alternative online tools. As a public interest organization, <strong>over 90% of our funding comes from donations</strong> (tax deductible for French taxpayers).
Thanks to our <a href="/hall-of-fame" target="_blank">crowdfunding (from March to July 2018)</a>, <strong>Framasoft were able to employ PeerTube's main developer.</strong> After a beta release in March 2018, release 1 came out in November 2018. Since then, several intermediary releases have brought many features along. Several collectives have already created PeerTube hosts, laying the foundation for the federation.
The more people use, support, and contribute to PeerTube, the quicker it will become a concrete alternative to platforms like YouTube.
Donate to Framasoft 捐款給 Framasoft
If you would like to interact with videos (like, comment, download...), subscribe to channels, create playlists or play videos, then all you have to do is <strong>create an account on the PeerTube instance of your choice.</strong>
PeerTube instances
1. Find the instance that suits you best 一、尋找最適合您的實例
By <strong>filtering according to your profile</strong> (video maker or viewer), <strong>topics</strong> that you are looking for or <strong>languages</strong> you speak, <strong>find an instance whose rules match your needs!</strong>
2. Create your account and enjoy PeerTube 二、建立您的帳號並開始享用 PeerTube
A username, an email, a password and you can already <strong>enjoy all the features of PeerTube!</strong> 只要一個用戶名、一個電子信箱和一個密碼,您就能夠<strong>享受 PeerTube 的所有功能!</strong>
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